Antalya Kebab House

235 Blackfen Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 8PR
020 8850 8900
Kebab Restaurant & Takeaway
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2 reviews of Antalya Kebab House


I am a person that watches what I eat. but when I walked into that Kebab house I was astonished in the method of presentation of the food being served. also that their burger was so good I ordered three times. balbly hell that was wicked.


An excellent Kebab house. I've yet to have a kebab from the Antalya that wasn't first class. A full range of kebabs and burgers is offered and the staff are always friendly and courteous. They always give extremely generous portions and the salads are always fresh and varied. Basically this is one of the best Kebab Houses around and I'm glad they're just up the road! I'll be returning as long as they keep cooking.....