48c The Broadway, London, N8 9TP
Greek Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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2 reviews of Arocaria


Looks great from the outside with all the pretty plants which really sets the scene. We were seated in the downstairs area where it was dark, cold, dirty, damp and smelt. We asked if we could move upstairs which although dirty was far nicer, much brighter and had more atmosphere. We had to request that the table be cleared and this was not done until our food arrived and although given a knife and fork we were not given a serviette. The food left a lot to be desired as the mousaka was over-cooked, hard and chewy on top totally inedible, the salad was bedraggled and the chips had been reheated. When asked by the waiter on leaving if everything was ok we mentioned the problem with the mousaka. The waiter's response was "I knew you were going to be trouble when you came in". We were told that no one else has had a problem with it and were not given any discount. There were only 6 other people eating in there at the time and as it was 9.30 on a Sunday evening we felt like we had been served with the leftovers. We did not receive a plate of fruit as the other review says. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Michelle O'Brien

This restaurant is truly wonderful: delicious food, friendly staff, cosy interior and the frontage looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I love it everytime I go there. They also bring each customer a plate of fruit after every meal.