Aroma Restaurant

Stevenage Leisure Park/Kings Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2UA
Chinese Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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24 reviews of Aroma Restaurant

Kazy Smith

Food is ok, very cramped eating conditions, don't dare go there when it is near to closing time or your plate is literally snatched away from you, and you are almost thrown out because they are closing! Staff are not very friendly, lunch times are better value for money.

Michael Windlass

Very uncomfortable sitting on top of the person next table. Staff very unhelpful and really quite rude at times. Children over 48 inches tall AND babies from birth to 2 years expected to pay also!! Bad experience that certainly will not be repeated.


Took a group of 30 colleagues for a leaving 'do' Rang 2 days before to warn of numbers & could they move tables to accommodate-poor communication skills-demanded a deposit. Charge is 'per head' & pay for drinks separately. Charge for turning on the tap for water. Meal 'average'-greasy & limited menu choice i.e. no duck for pancakes that night. Felt the need to keep informing me how many people had arrived. Then we came to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insolence is the only way to describe the demand that one of us pay for everyone as they couldn't (wouldn't) accept separate payments! No polite explanation why. We refused & all turned up to pay individually-the animosity & rudeness was tangible! When I pointed out to the Manager his immense need to improve his customer relations skills, I was told that they hadn't wanted us at the Restaurant, & we wouldn't be welcome in the future. UNBELIEVABLE, I am amazed that it is still open.

Laura Peirce

Really nice food but very expensive. the tables are really close together and i was almost sitting on the bloke next to me! Rude staff.

Michael Ghebru

Good value for money. Tasty Dishes. Staff don't smile and are rude.

Sarah King

Very lovely food. I go there two to three times a month during lunch as its cheaper. I don't understand why they always seat you sitting on top of each other though?

David Martin

Have been going for many years. Great food but will not go again out of principal. I took my 16 month old daughter and they wanted to charge her the same price as a child up to 4 foot tall. They are really stupid not to have a lower limit, also for toddlers, say under 2 foot free. They let our party of 4 adults walk away out of greed. What they don't understand is that parents with a small child will eat less as they are too busy feeding the child. Obviously they are doing too well now to need our custom.


We decided to try this restaurant on a Sunday lunchtime, we took our two sons, one of 12 and one of 10 months. We were prepared to pay full adult price for the 12 year old but we thought it was utterly ridiculous when we were told that the baby would also be charged for a child meal even though we bought all his food with us and had no intention of him eating any of the restaurant food. The waiter I spoke to and also the manageress were both pretty rude and insisted that at 10 months my son was old enough to be charged.


The food was delicious! very nice indeed the only problem was i didn't like how i was sitting closer to the man on the table next to me than the person i was with! i don't see why they seat you right next to each other when there is hardly anyone in the restaurant!!


Pity the staff hurried you when sitting down

Keith Dunford

2 Adults & 3 Children with one under the height barrier. Cost £ 75.00 for a Saturday Night meal. Will only go back at lunchtime as its only £ 6.50 per head.


Good food, tasty. Low price. Crowded.

Steven Green

Wonderful my boy! Couldn't get enough of it and the prices were cheap already...I will be back soon with the entire family - build more restaurants, there are not enough!

Hazel White

I love it there and get excited every time we go, eat loads of duck and tons of seaweed!!!!!! Try and use the chop sticks as well but can eat faster with spoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice meal, good atmosphere. I love the fish bar when you take it to the counter to be freshly cooked in front of you. Delicious!


Food is great and if you can eat a lot it is worth the money. drinks are lil expensive though.

Suzy Guinan

Good food, but noise in restaurant can be unbearable. Eat loads of crispy duck and you'll get good value. Bring a child under 8 and you'll get SERIOUSLY ripped off. Watch out if you have a tall child because they will have to pay full adult price!! ITS A BAD SYSTEM!


Very nice food and nicely prepared. The food is full of flavour and i think it is a good idea the all you can eat theme, as you get to try things that you don't usually order from the take away. I don't like the clostrabophic feelings when the whole place is empty and you are seated right next to a person, i found that a bit embarrassing. the staff are very friendly, although i didn't like them hovering around me waiting until my plate was empty to take it away, i felt a bit rushed!!


Nice food. Good idea. Have to eat a lot to get your moneys worth though.

Jemma McDoodle

Good food, good service, but I'm not so sure about the apple and banana fritters. Very good experience overall, I go several times a month. See you there!


Nice food, but I think when the restaurant is nearly empty there is no need for the staff to seat people right next to you.

Col Smith

Fantastic idea well presented. Shame there aren't more around the country though as it's a huge journey from North Wales !!!

Bryony Bartholomew

The food is lovely but i think their should be a discount for large party's and party meal for children. I also think that the hight of the children depending on how much they pay is ridiculous.


Delicious food, fresh, nicely cooked. Sometimes very crowded and you are given a certain time to stay in the restaurant.