Abduls Takeaway

121 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5AN
0161 256 2627
Kebab Takeaway
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54 reviews of Abduls Takeaway


After 5 years in Manchester I can safely say the reason I'm still alive is Abduls as I cant cook for diddly squat and being that I live 5 mins from one is not helping. Abduls I hope your around until I breath as going without a seekh kebab with chilli and garlic mayo is painful.


Ten years ago I've tried Abdul donner kebabs... Until now I remember the wonderful taste of it even I'm not at Manchester.. 2011 I will go back there.


I miss chicken doner from Abduls... back in 1997-2000, it was my fav kebab.. back home in South East Asia, no way kebab here can beat Abdul's.. to the extent i tried to find the recipe and make one for myself... the marinade... the chili... superb...


Recently took my boyfriend (from Cambridge) on a trip to Manchester especially so he could experience his first real kebab. Fortunately he thought it was as fantastic as I do...go Abduls, come on down south please!

Andrew Mills

I love Abduls. I used to be a student at Manchester and I really miss my kebabs!


Aduls is the best.


I've been going Abduls for a while now and there donner kebabs are heaven and lovely chilli sauce. The staff are also very good at welcoming there customers.


Abduls was the very 1st Kebab and curry house on Wimslow Rd Rusholme. I have been eating there since it opened. Trust me. Its the best on the road.

Aaron C

Well Recommend Abduls... Excellent Chicken Kebabs


Superb Kebabs! Chicken Tikka with salad Chilli & Yoghurt is the best kebab I've ever eaten.

Steve McCully

I go to Adulls every time I'm in Manchester with work. I recommend a large chicken kebab with everything on chilli,salad yogurt,mango and the pickles. I would have to say if it was my last meal on earth then this is it baby.

Haydn Jones

All through my life I have been troubled with trying to find the perfect kebab establishment. It has become somewhat of a quest to find that optimal combination of pitta, donna meat, salad and sauce. Only now can I rest... Having travelled the world selling professional kitchen equipment, I have seen many different types of cuisine. I retired early last year, and bought a small place in Rusholme so that I could be close to Abdul and his friends. A truly incredible place that warrants its own chapter in any book on food. Even writing this review - just the thought of that warm bread, the pliant meat, and that runny yoghurt fills me with the urge. When I was at college, I once went for 34 days eating Abduls every evening - have they any idea of what they have created...W. Beardo


As a student living in Whitworth Park in the early 90s I ate these with frightening regularity. If I was feeling up to it I would sometimes have two in one day. My favourite was controversially the Vegetable Kebab with everything on and extra pickled chillies. I live in Rochdale now but just writing this is tempting me to take a trip into Manc. Mmmm.


I first went to Abduls as a student back in 1986 and it is without doubt the finest kebab shop on God's earth. A night out clubbing at the Hac or the Ritz would be polished off by a large donor in naan bread with lashings of yoghurt sauce. My only regret is that I was often too wasted to fully appreciate the quality of the food. Great memories, superb kebabs.


Abdul's Chicken tikka kebab is the best ! There is a kebab place on Slough High street that comes close, but Abdul's chicken tikka in the naan break is just the stuff of dreams. I live in Orlando, Florida now, so unfortunately, no kebaab for me :-(


I loved Adbul's kebbab when I was doing my PhD in Manchester 12 years ago. Then I went back to Spain. This last weekend I came to Manchester for a Scientific Meeting and I decided to try my luck to see if the place was still open. It was!!! I had to fight back tears of joy as I worked my way through a tandori chicken kebbab with everything on. Now I am planning on buying cheap flight tickets now and then just for the hell of it and have a two or three day kebbab diet in Manchester. Never had anything like that in Spain. If you can go there, DO!!!


Been going there for 16 years since I was at the University when I discovered them purely by accident. Bought a chicken kebab with everything on to take out and then sat on a bench eating it completely oblivious of the fact that the juices were running out of the bottom of the kebab all over my suede shoes. It was worth it! Now I travel a 60 mile round trip just for the kebeb. My order is Poppadoms and chutney (free while waiting for the kebab to be cooked), Meat Samosas and Onion Bhajis for starter and then a Chicken and Seek mixed Kebab as main course. Fantastic. I took 14 of my family and friends to Aerial extreme in trentham for my last birthday outing and then finished up at the new Abduls at Fallowfield for my birthday party. Universal acclaim!!


Yes Abduls is brilliant ..Good to see you here as well Chris...Abduls chicken kabab is awesome ..The fact that it is 30 seconds away from where I live doesn't help my wallet at all.


I love Abduls. I've been going there for two years now and have made a 140 mile round trip for a kebab. My personal fave is the chicken kebab, it beats anything else in the world. The best bit is...they know my order as soon as I walk through the door :D

Nick B

Abduls was an absolute institution when I studied in manchester in the early 90s (even better then Babylons!). I still crave their chicken kebab with salad, naan, yoghurt and a big streak of chili sauce - magical! I'm in Manc today and am going to drag my Northampton mates to Abduls to convert them to kebab addiction!


After reading all these reviews, and being a very keen kebab eater, I thought I would just have to try Abduls. The trouble is that I live in Portsmouth, some 230 miles from Manchester. However, yesterday I had a business trip to the city and decided to try it for myself. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed. The doner I had was nice enough. There was even a very nice twist with the naan bread instead of the pita we normally have down here but, to be honest, it didn't blow me away, sorry. Maybe I was expecting too much, who knows. For me the very best kebabs that I have had come from a series of little vans dotted around the Petersfield/ Liphook/ Bordon area of Hampshire. If you ever find yourself in the area, you just have to try them. I'd be interested to hear how they compare.

The Keed

A legend. Truly awe inspiring. I have been going to Abduls for at least 12 years and no where comes close to beating it. The pick of the bunch is the lamb kebab much tastier than the chicken. Putting mango chutney on them ruins them stick to chilli, salad and yogurt for the perfect savoury feast.

Michael Palmowski

I met my wife being a student in Manchester. We now live in Reading, and sometimes nip up to Manchester for a Kebab. After all those years I still argue with my wife; she believes that Hajid's is better... for me Abdul's is the best of the bunch.


I was once a student in Manchester and was addicted to their Kebabs. I haven't been back for 12 years and I am still craving for them now. I have never found anywhere better.

Michael Cox

Great. I can't fault them - Adbuls food is better than the food I had on a recent trip to Switzerland. Outstanding! Fully recommended to all my pals.

student fast food lover

I've been going to Abduls for years now and i ABSOLUTELY love it!! great service, excellent food and good prices! This takeaway is every students paradise! Keep up the good work Abduls :)

Bob Towers

I took all my mates from work the other day - the food was great and the staff were cool. They are the best - even Bryce and Andy agreed!

Andy Booths

I love a bit of kebab after a few Barcadi Breezers on a night out. Last week I took my friend Gerard to your eatery and he loved it too.

David Greengage

I can't help popping into Abduls now and again. It goes against my regular balanced diet but I just can't help myself.

Andrew Dec

I first went to Abduls in the early 1990s when I was a student in Manchester. I now live 170 miles away in herfrodshire and have driven the 340 mile round trip just to get a Chicken Kebab. Sad but true. If I was on death row and has a final meal request there would be no hesitation....

Tom Clifford

I went to Abduls for the first time last week after my harp lesson. I couldn't believe the kebab I had. It was wonderful. The service was snappy and the atmosphere was electric. I aim to drop in after my Harp lesson each week.

Colin Smith

Never before has my pallet been treated to such joy and elation. To say going to Abduls was the finest moment in my life would be true if I hadn't once done the waltz with Joanna Lumley on holiday in Benidorm during the swinging sixties.


Shamis kebabs from Abduls are nectar. And the doners anrent far behind. I travel all the way from Bradford to this place so that is saying something!

Christophe Winall

I love Abduls. They make me hum with joy and pur with delight. You canny beat a kebab after 10 pints of red wine and some scampi fries. Go Abdullah.

Brian J Donnelly

Abduls is a place close to my heart. I have been there on a number of first dates and the ladies have never failed to be impressed by what Abduls have to offer. I love the way the staff make you feel welcome even if your are sober.

Brian Coggins

I went to Abduls last night with my best mate Brian and what a refreshing change it was. The food was spectacular, the service slick, and the atmosphere electric. Will we be going back? You bet your sweet bippy we will.

Basel Donerly

I went last night on the way home from a Christmas do and have to say it was the best chicken kebab I have ever eaten in my 27 years of kebab eating. It was a truly exhilarating experience which can only be described as kebabylon.

Chris Winall

I am what you would describe as a plump individual. Doctors have advised me to go on a diet but I can't. The lure of Abduls takeaways is irresistible. Sometimes I eat healthily all day and then go to Abduls and stuff my face. I can't help it - the food is so nice.

Michael Cox

I work in a very stressful field and need to wind down of an evening. Going to Abduls helps me do this. It's not all work, work, work you know!!!

Fionnuala Crothers

When I was first dragged to Abduls by a friend I didn't expect much but how wrong I was. The food is the best I've tasted and the kebabs especially are mind blowing. I never go a week without an Abduls now. Keep up the good work.

Phil Lindoe

I went to Abduls for tea every night last week. Each evening I had something different and the lovely food they serve never failed to hit the spot. The service is good and the toilets are clean. What more could you ask for?

Paul Farr

I had a spicy lamb kofte at Abduls last week and it nearly blew me away. It tasted great and apart from a little wind there were no after effects.

Abbas Khan

i love the kebabs recommend sikh or donner kebab with everything on.

Alan Wood

Abduls kept me going when I retired from my high pressure job in the city. I've put on a few pounds of late but I can't resist their food.

Richard Banks

Frankly I was not overly impressed. I didn't like the decor and the meat had a texture that I found most unpleasant. Not an experience I would wish to repeat, and I have to say that even though the staff delivered some service excellence, their aim to be the best kebab provider bar none leaves a lot to be desired.

Wilf Burrows

Fantastic chicken kebabs, I always treat my work colleagues to these after a night out when I want to give that extra special VIP treatment. Even my mother loves them! Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Kurt Camp

I have had many great experiences in my life. It is no secret that the best of these experiences came at Abduls. Flavour, freshness, zest, beauty, and fragrance all poured out of my burger. Oh if Abduls burgers were alive I'd take one down the aisle.

Garth Pryor

When I ate in Abduls the flavours were wonderful and the taste was pure magic. I would like to thank the chef with all my heart.

Andrew Roberts

Abduls is why I left Aberdeen and moved to Manchester. I love Chilli Sauce.

Kate and Laura

Abduls is the best kebab place ever! I travel for miles for them. If you've never had an Abduls you've never lived!

Chris Tudsbury & Paul Oldham

Amazing kebabs, best hang over cure by far. Recommend the double chicken or the chicken doner, extra chilli.


I cant believe I'm writing this, but these kebabs are worth anything, huuuge portions, lovely sauce, and the people that work there are fantastic!!every week me and 6 friends go and sit there all afternoon eating, by far the best day of the week :)

sat fat man

Abdul. I just like to say i love ur kebabs there so yummy!!!

August 2002

Well recommended, I have been going here for nearly ten years, the Chicken and Donner Kebabs are wonderful, the portions are large, I love it. I can't handle more than 2 scoops of chilli sauce anymore. Try a Large Chicken Kebab with Mango Chutney, Chilli and Yoghurt. They don't have these down south, this is why I moved back to Manchester!