American Way

38 The Broadway, Cheam, Sutton, Surrey, SM3 8BD
020 8642 1552
American Restaurant
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34 reviews of American Way


Good food, good meeeeeeeeelk shakes and decent staff! A bit pricey though!

Steak Boy

Amazing refurb, and the food is still as good as ever. We had the T-bone steak from the specials board, best I've ever had. Excellent staff and service was prompt even tho they were bursting at the seams with customers. Keep it up guys.

Mr Food Critic

I've been using American Way for nearly 20 years now. Original owner retired about 7 years ago and paul took over. So glad he has kept the same high quality of food and standards. Don't know many places that have lasted this long, considering they opened in 1973. We have never had a bad meal or bad service. Can't believe you now have 30 flavours of great milkshakes now......... Will be in again next week guys. T-bone steak please abs.


Do not eat there. We used to eat there when it was the previous owner. So we know the menu, but we had a meal there last year yuk yuk. My burger was terrible and do not eat the crumble. It only has a tiny teaspoon of fruit and dry uncooked crumble. The portions of food are small.

Leah Clark

I love this restaurant I think the staff are great and food is delicious I've been going there every year. Still love it. :)


We went there late one evening. Two unfriendly women deemed to serve us. In fact we felt quite uncomfortable being there. Food was OK but fairly greasy. Perhaps it's better in the daytime with hopefully better customer friendly staff! I have to say that the concept & decor is great. The staff really just don't match up! Definitely wouldn't spend my money there again.


Just heard you mentioned on radio 2 so googled you. Fantastic you are still going strong. I worked there in the summer of 1970 before going to uni. Long hours and went home smelling of onions every night but very friendly and could eat any amount of ice cream. Congratulations on your longevity.

Janice O'Donnell

I live in Cheam and have been an occasional customer of the American Way for over 30 years and today was my first visit to the refurbished restaurant. The new decoration and fittings are great but the service was poor. I was with my daughter-in-law and grandson aged 3 and we were the only customers. We sat at the table and although there were two waitresses behind the counter in the end I had to ask if we had to order at the counter. They were busy chatting to each other and did not seem to care whether we stayed or not. The drink for my grandson was delivered in a full size glass, they had nothing smaller and we had to ask for a straw! They did not offer small cutlery although you offer a child's menu. All in all it was not the happy experience I was used to in Steve's time as owner. The delivery to the table was very haphazard and the glass of water we ordered was pushed on to the table as the waitress literally passed by. I would think twice before returning. Janice O'Donnell.

Pam Wyatt

Have been using this restaurant for nearly 40 years in total. Their food is superb and my children have grown up enjoying their food. Their triple thick shakes are gorgeous and their burgers are so tasty. I don't normally eat chips but theirs are really nice. Would thoroughly recommend this.

Leah Ruth Ellen Clark

Hey American way is my favourite restaurant. I go there every year. I just went there two weeks ago for my birthday the 14th October and I'm going there tomorrow for lunch with my dad. I just love their milkshake's and chips!! :D


It's a good place. Shame that they don't have website where we could either check their ambience and menu, as well make reservations.

AFC Womble

Great! Friendly staff, fantastic burgers and steaks. Have been going there for 30 years, absolutely love it! Can't wait for the refurbished restaurant to open!


I love all the food wow xxxx

Fat Bloke

Watch the Special's Board ! Today we were mainly eating Anitka's Gulasz Wieprzowy. Food to die for, made with the finest ingredients no added colour or ****. Home cooking at its best, the ideal food for damp short overcast days.(and not so fat blokes) Of course there are the usual range of Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrgers for the fast foodies ,and of course fries. (never greasy or fatty, Jullie Barratt must have gone in on a bad day !)

Julie Barratt

I've been there a few times with my family, although we love the Burgers, we can never eat the fries, they are so greasy/fatty. I've mentioned this to the staff but they never seemed that bothered. Please change the way you fry your chips and we'd come more often!!!

The Kindle family

Been in a few times now during the daytime. The food was lovely and the the two staff that always serve us ( Tom & Anitka ) are great. They make a good little team . p.s my kids find it quite funny when Anitka calls Toms name. Have a listen.


I think the food in there is lovely. Me and my family go in there and we sit at the big round table at the back. I hope to go there soon. They are all so nice and my grandad goes in there. He has been going there for 20 year on my god. Any way go to go bye xxxxxxxxxxxx

Fat Bloke

Well I guess it's the time of year again to partake in the 'Easter Fare' offered by the American Way. One of my favorites is 'Bunny Burrrger' and fries served on a bed of seasonal salad flowers. Followed by 'Choc Egg Shake' or Choc Egg surprise pudding (It's banana). And then the entertainment, the staff and management wear their Bunny costumes whilst serving customers. (NO Steve don't even think about it it's a joke). Oh yes, today I had the seasonal spring lambs tail pie with a touch of mint, French fries (not too many) and some of those little beans. A nice red wine and apple pie and ice cream (a favorite of mine). I think my host uncle cire had the steak burrrrrrger. The superb service with attention to detail we received from Jo and Anitka was second to none many thanks. I suggest you book a meal before they run out of bunnies.


Every Friday I go to the American way and find the service and food brilliant. The staff on Fridays are very helpful and on the ball. They are always willing to go the extra mile for you. Thanks for the great service Friday night team. Keep up the good work.

Electric Whiskers

Now is the Season to be Jolly (Bah Humbug) I was chatting to Fat Bloke the other day and he suggested calling in to THE AMERICAN WAY for a Turkey Burger with French fries and fairy lights. Followed by mulled milkshake. How right he was, what a fantastic feed, best in Cheam. Mind you the sweet recommended by Anita was a bit of a let down (very pink and the texture of shaving foam ) its all a matter of taste. The apple pie is superb (but only if served by Anita).PS. Ask Anita to say 'Burrrrrrrrrger'. HoHoHo, Happy Christmas etc To All at The American Way.

Friend of Fat Bloke

The soup is nice and hot and easy to digest. Not too many French fries. The fish cakes are good,so is the salmon. Red bits in the salad are a bit hard. The wine is fantastic and easy drinking. I cant always manage a sweet but the ice cream is excellent (no hard bits please). That Steve's a hoot with his glove puppet and been here since I was a lad. The staff are always very obliging and fat bloke thinks Anita is the best thing since sliced bread. They have nice new tables and chairs out side where you can smoke and inhale the traffic fumes whilst eating your Burger,I think it must be the American Way. I do hope I have not told you this before,but its a good story.


I used to go here in my teens when they had American diner style booths, which I loved. I don't really like the garden seats they have now, & I find it too open to other diners, but the food itself is amazing. I've especially always had a penchant for the lime milkshake's, magic!

Friend of Fat Bloke

A premium restaurant,soup nice and hot,meals easy to eat and digest,far too many chips though. Large portions more than I can eat. Wine excellent and always the right temperature. Staff helpful and obliging. Fat Bloke likes apple pie ice cream and Anita. And as for Steve, he is a right hoot,ask him to get his glove puppet out.

Debbie Corkland

I found this restaurant really friendly and the food really nice. Service excellent.

Eric and the Round Table from old Harlow

Excellent food, excellent service the staff are always helpful and kind to our great grandad who has been going there for 20 plus years. Keep up the good service.

Fat Bloke

Fantastic Food, Superb Steaks,Wicked Wine. Friendly and obliging staff. Could only manage one of Steve's Pineapple Surprise.


The restaurant is great, food lovely. Neil the waiter was very helpful. Top night.

Sharon (George)

I used to work there as a student 27 years ago and still make the trip from Bedfordshire, with my family, 3 hard-to-please teenagers, and Steve (who's been there FOREVER) always makes us feel like old family. Very welcoming, great burgers and a relaxed atmosphere. One problem - I've never got enough room for one of their desserts!

Galloping Gourmet

This place is the best, am always in there with friends or family, its so friendly and staff really helpful. Keep it up.


Can't believe someone found the staff unhelpful. Its the best "burger" joint I have ever in my life been to. Even in America they are not this good!!! Go for the Jackpot its awesome... bbq sauce, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce with a big juicy burger in a bun with chips!!!! Lovely Jubley. Staff will do anything for you. And kids are welcome!!! hard to find decent places that will have kids and help you out. Keep it up!!! that's why its been open thirty odd years!!!


I cannot believe anyone found the staff unhelpful!!! Once I was with my family they did not have enough chairs so one of the staff ranf his dad who turned up 5 minute later with a chair!! The Away is the very best restaurant in Cheam Village (and there are a lot to choose from). Well done Steve and staff.

Chris & Rene

We like it in there. The burgers are freshly cooked the best around for quite a few miles! American Express has been around for years, they clearly have the 'recipe' right - but the decor could benefit from a little updating. Family friendly, good children's food and accommodating staff.

Goody 2 shoes

I work at the a-way and I love it. If I could be a restaurant, id be the a-way, its the best!


The food is nice, if you like greasy american food but the staff are quite rude. They made me feel quite unwelcome.