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Beach Blanket Babylon

45 Ledbury Rd London W11 2AA
Mixed Restaurant
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1 review of Beach Blanket Babylon


We had booked a table for dinner and we were greeted at the door and all seemed to be the start of a fabulous night in BBB. However, after the meeting and greeting at the door it all went downhill from then on. We were served by bar staff that did not know how to smile or be pleasant in any way and although it wasn't busy and we were obviously waiting to be served, they took forever to serve us, looked at us and walked away! I waved the bar person back to us to be served. However, once drinks were served, we enjoyed the decor in the bar and then shortly after were taken to our table. At the table, we waited ages again to be asked for our drinks order. The food ordering was slightly less problematic and we waited for our food whilst enjoying a delicious champagne cocktail. When the food arrived, it did so in drib's and drab's and was plonked on the table in front of us and one of our party had to wait ages for his food while the rest of us had ours, but only in part. I ordered moules & frites and they forgot to bring the frites (which turned out to be chunky chips)! No apology made by waiting staff for the error, just a mere 'oh yeah'! The meal was ok, nothing to brag about unfortunately, as that would have improved the whole evening. Once we had finished our meal, the waiter came and cleared the table, not without asking us to pass the majority of the plates to him as well as cutlery - did he want us to wash up as well? This particular waiter was also incredibly rude and moody. Then to top it all off they had run out of crème brulee, which was the last straw for me! Overall, I would NOT recommend visiting this place - it's expensive, as are a lot of places in London, but for the attitude of the staff it's not worth even considering wasting your money. Service is the WORST I have EVER received anywhere in London and they add an 'optional service charge' - we took the option not to pay that! Bill was £350 for 4 starters, 6 mains, 2 desserts, bottle wine and few soft drinks. NOT WORTH IT!

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