Black Horse

12 High Street, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 4NY
01892 822141
Seafood Restaurant
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10 reviews of Black Horse

Annette Atkins

Just had their Sunday carvery lunch. Excellent meal and tasty sweet. We found the service friendly and excellent. Would go again at first opportunity.

Jensen Ophrani

The reviews here seem very mixed! So I shall aim to make mine as fair as possible. The Black Horse is an interesting venue that can boost the best of pub atmosphere (nice fire and tables with no fruit machines nor jukebox) and a decent restaurant. The idea I think behind the place is you set the tone by deciding where you sit, so either somewhere formal with formal service (the restaurant) or the pub area which is a bit more relaxed, get your own drinks, that sort of thing (although the staff seem happy to get them for you whenever). For me I love that! I often go there in several types of moods and sometimes want to spend £60 a head and pay for great food and service or pay £7 for a great (GIANT) sandwich and diet coke! However I can therefore understand for non-locals that might expect top service wherever they are, but as it's a big place that is a little hard if you decide to sit in a table meant for drinkers (as in its tiny) and order a fruit de mer (be sensible people) In regard to the food, I personally like it, there is kinda 2 menus, pub-grub and seafood/bistro style. But what's great is there can be a table of 10 and 1 person can have hong-kong style chicken for about a tener, another sausage, egg and chips for a fiver and someone else 3 courses and bottle of bubbly for a ton! The food is always hot and presented reasonably (depending on what chefs working Fridays are good!). For me sometimes the foods a little fussy... but the place prides itself on its desserts! All homemade and named wonderfully. The staff are great, they tend to navigate quite well the different types of service people want, but not everyone is readable I guess. But that is perhaps the owners responsibility. The bar staff are very good where you are never wanting long but some of the younger waiting staff are a little dizzy at the weekend with only 1 or 2 more experienced staffers on, but on a weeknight the waiting staff are top-notch as often there is only 1 on therefore I assume more experienced. I recommend the house wines (a little pricey) but not the ales. Food wise I reckon anything fishy is great, particularly popcorn prawns. Maybe the lobster is a little on the small side. Look for a bubbly curly blonde girl and a young campish lad for great service. Black Horse 8/10


I visited this establishment some time ago with some overseas guests. Essentially, it was a special occasion and we really wanted to impress with some quality British cuisine, i.e. we were prepared to plump up some extra cash to ensure a top evening. Unfortunately, this was a mess from beginning to end - starting with having to walk through the haze of smoke from the waitresses hanging around the doorway, to having to actually find someone prepared to interrupt their break to serve us, to the cold, tasteless and overpriced seafood platter, to having to physically locate someone (again) prepared to serve us more wine, etc. We were made to feel like they were doing you a favour serving you. This restaurant is a shocker and must rate as the least value for money in Kent. It's not like it was busy either. I wrote and complained to the owner, but the response was pathetic - essentially, they couldn't give a damn. Basically, a nice pub, but I'd recommend you go next door the chippie if you are feeling hungry.


Food excellent,service good,but staff need training on how to be nice and make people feel welcome. Perhaps they feel they are doing the customers a favour by serving them.

Janet Penfold

Cannot believe the negative review from Paul as the food and service in this pub is excellent 10 out of 10

Disappointed Paul

Pub that specialises in sea food but sadly lacks on Service.4 people eating and only 2 others in restaurant so not busy but, Table booked at 7.30 and finally at 9.45 pm after going to kitchen to ask for a menu we had a kitchen hand throw a desert menu onto our table. Our meals were served at different times, (I had eaten mine before others had got their meal served. Waitress was invisible when service was required (more drinks etc,) One occasion we had to interrupt meal to walk through entrance to kitchen and into bar to get our own drinks. This was after going to waitress who was folding napkins and asking her if we could have some service. All in all a anticipated good evening was ruined. Marks out of 10 sorry does not even rate a 1.

Jake Martin

Excellent food the staff were friendly and helpful. The pub had a great atmosphere and setting. The menu had lots of choice but was quite expensive. All in all a great pub/restaurant.

Natalie Page

An excellent place, staff friendly and funny, loads of choice even if you don't like fish, i recommend Blach horse homemade burger or fruit de mer. Finally desserts were amazing.

Andy Biggs

Soup and cold buffet of crabs, lobsters, oysters etc was magnificent. Plenty of hot fish to try but the sauces were overdone thus and a more simple cooking of the fish would have been a better alternative. Great value for money though even if just for the cold buffet.


Excellent restaurant that is attached to an Old Inn/Pub. Lots of character to the pub. Food excellent and very good value for money. Quite an extensive menu. Would advise booking as it gets quite busy.