Back Inn Time

Victoria Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1NY
01245 269983
Mixed Restaurant
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29 reviews of Back Inn Time


Have been here with family, friends and work often using the 50% voucher which is a fantastic deal. Food is traditional American - burgers, ribs, chicken - and they do amazing cocktails. If they aren't busy they will make one up specially for you off the menu. Staff have always been polite and helpful but there never seems to be enough of them. Only bad thing is that the music is very loud.


This is a great restaurant. Good atmosphere and large portions. If you a drink, there is a good cocktail menu. Also there is often 50% off vouchers in local magazines.


Have been back inn time about 6 times and always enjoyed the food and service 5 star place to go!!!


Great food, great service until we were followed out of the restaurant by the waiter and verbally intimidated as we did not leave a big enough tip apparently! I would never go back there again. That waiter let the restaurant down and I would never recommend Back Inn Time to anyone now. And we sat down nearly an hour late! RUBBISH and ruined our night.


The food was absolutely delicious. I recommend the starter 'love at first sight'. The portions were massive and the staff were enthusiastic and very friendly. Whether you're going with your mates or your family, this is the place to be. The manager was also very friendly and helpful.


Had a wicked time! The atmosphere for a restaurant is the best in Essex. The service was fun and efficient, staff full of enthusiasm despite being rushed off their feet. We went for my mate's birthday and they sang happy birthday really loud and it was really funny. Food is really good but don't expect amazing. Would recommend it to anyone!


Sublime meal, divine service, and portion sizes fit for a king. Their 'Hay Bale Supper' is one of the best meals I've ever had... although it is off the menu so I had to ask especially for it. Strongly recommended :)

Alison Stock

Disappointing food. The burger was overcooked. The coleslaw was dry. The waitress looked fed up. Not a great experience. It used to be a place for parties. Also we were told we could not book as the restaurant was full - we decided to turn up and there were only about 20 people in!!!!!


I love back in time and it remains my favourite restaurant. Great atmosphere great food and great staff and reasonably priced.


It is a little while since I have eaten there but I always recommend this little restaurant to everyone I know who is visiting Chelmsford. I am working in the area very shortly and cant wait to visit it again. I have found the food to be excellent with brilliantly efficient staff who are always rushed off their feet but always polite and charming. If you read this Bekkie (from D ins), I hope you enjoy a great meal there the same as I have enjoyed in the past. One of Chelmsfords Best!! Enjoy!!!


I think Back Inn Time is great. You have to remember it must be pretty damn hard working in such a small space, and the food cant always be perfect, I think its the way you speak to the waiter waitress, if you show them respect (as at the end of the day it is no ones fault really) and be calm I'm sure they would be more than happy to amend your needs, but by the way I hear some customers talk to waiters, waitresses I would quite literally walk away if some one spoke to me like that , they get treated like paupers!! But I think the place is great , the staff are warming and welcoming and the food is scrummy x


I love this restaurant!!! I love the staff, they are always smiling and happy and when ever I have been there. A certain waiter gave us their full attention!! Excellent excellent excellent!!!


Very average food, and very slow service. We went for the half price offer that was on for March. We presented the voucher before the meal, and, again when paying. Didn't really check the bill until we got home. They hadn't reduced the price at all, we had been charged full price. There was no apology when phoning the manager. Calls weren't returned, and they were extremely rude when my wife went to pick up the balance. This appears to be the case for a few of my colleagues, so its not an isolated incident. This restaurant has gone downhill fast. It used to be excellent in the days of 'Spin Thomson' the original owner. Its now a pale shadow of its former glory I'm afraid. There is no way I will ever go back.


Its great, one of my best places to go for a meal. I'm about to book up for next weekend!!! I don't know what certain people are moaning about they obviously have no taste!!!!!!!!

J. Hiskey

Booked a table for 9pm for a large group of us celebrating a birthday!Had to wait over an hour for our table to be ready as it was already occupied by a hen party! The hen party showed no signs of moving and we were getting increasingly hungry and annoyed as the staff couldn't move them on,although they had been told that their table was booked for another party later that evening, when they booked their night out! We didn't mind waiting 20 mins or so but 1 hour, no apologies and no sign of a table later we took our deposit and custom else where!! I suggest that they make future customers fully aware that they have two separate seating times and the people opting for the earlier one need to be out by a certain time. On the hole poor communication poor customer relations and poor service!!!!! It totally ruined our night , thanks back in time.


Very disappointed, staff were smiley and friendly but food was not good.

Natasha, Becki, Riona, Katie, Charlotte and Natalie

Food is really great, always great service, staff really friendly definitely going back. highly recommended for special occasions.


I can't believe the reviews I've just read on this site - I think they must have been paid by the restaurant! I went to Back Inn Time last night and thought it was overpriced, the food wasn't very nice and the service was slow. I was surprised at how much we paid for such an ordinary meal; you can get cheaper, better meals in London. I wouldn't go back - there are plenty of better places to go in Chelmsford if you want to go out for a meal.


Welcoming pleasant staff, but the emphasis was all on presentation The food was very ordinary and poor value. Burgers can be great - but on my visit here were just catering fodder.

Claire Kadesh

Great Restaurant, tasty food, plenty of it and the staff are very cheerful and friendly!


One word rounds it up 'EXCELLENT' food is good and service is served with a friendly smile so what more can one ask for! Will be going back again soon :o)


Excellent, one of the best places to eat in Essex. We drive 40 mins to get there and its worth it every time. Food yummy and good drinks menu.


Good food, atmosphere and service..... Table for 2 hard to get between 6.30 and 8.30 though!!! Need to book well in advance.


Excellent service, food and atmosphere. My 8-year-old had a fantastic time. I can't believe I haven't been before. Will definitely go again.


Without a doubt this is my favourite place in chelmsford, really good lively atmosphere with fantastic service and big USA portions!!


Very good lovely but with large groups they add on 10% of the bill as they catered for large group! So be aware, bit rude of them! Lovely though.

Sam Welsh

My favourite restaurant - always book in when back down south visiting. Food is gorgeous, service great and cocktail menu to die for! Just about to book in again!

Chloe Giddings

Really enjoy coming here, haven't been in a while, but just about to book as the service is really friendly and food is lush!!


Very good, a very friendly atmosphere. not too long to wait for food. Caters for vegetarians. Has non-alcoholic cocktails. Very good in general.