Badshot Lea Chinese Kitchen

53 Badshot Lea Road, Badshot Lea, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 9LP
01252 317860
Chinese Takeaway
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7 reviews of Badshot Lea Chinese Kitchen

Jim davies

They are good. Nice quality but not cheep. Portions are average not big. Do not use on Fri Sat night when a bit overwhelmed.

Chinese lover

I must say I love the food and the receptionists there are very good!


OMG! What a disappointment!! ordered a meal for 2 people last night. Ordered Crispy Duck with pancakes, a rice and 2 dishes. They mucked up the order after waiting an hour. They sent out the pancakes with no sign of the duck!! I called and spoke to them who said they would cook the duck and send it out in 20 mins. I said that the Duck is to be a starter so after a few mins she agreed to cook it all again but I had to pay for the Duck which was another £6.20!! I said that was fine and did she want the food back, to which she said no!! She then had the cheek to call me back after 10 mins and say she wanted the food back! I explained that it was already in the bin and she said she wanted me to dig it out of the bin!!!! what were they going to do with it!! re-cook it and give it to someone else I ask myself!!! I was appalled by her manner as she was very aggressive to me and it wasn't even our mistake!! The customer service was something I have never experienced ever!! and would never like to again!! I have used this takeaway many times in the past and the food was always really nice however this has a horrible situation to have happen and one I will not forget in a long time!!! My advice would be to avoid this takeaway, as in her words and I quote 'my English is not very good'!!


When are your stuck for a meal idea and you just want to veg for the night, they are a students best friend! Nice people!

Chinese Food Addicts

Excellent quality food and the best around in Farnham, Deliver time very fast, excellent service, Drivers very professional.


Excellent food and friendly service - we really enjoy using this take away. We've tried others in the area but we always come back. The sweet and sour Hong Kong style is worth trying.

The Chinese Chomper

Excellent food and value for money. By far the best Chinese takeaway (that delivers) in the Farnham area. You can't go wrong with set menu B. ;)