Booths Pizzeria & Bar

71 Stoke Newington Church St, London, N16 0AS
Pizza Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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11 reviews of Booths Pizzeria & Bar


It's the cheapest pizzeria in Church Street AND probably the best. You can tell they've been around for many years. They're not desperate to make profit, and will make an honest pizza at a reasonable price. Not for you if you're after a trendy venue though.


I have been going to the bar part of this place for years, for one thing...the pizza. It's the best pizza on Church street and that says a lot, because there are other very good restaurants on the street. It's the best in the area. I will always go there if I'd like pizza. I sit outside in the summer, as I find the bar (downstairs) too dark and loud. Andie.


Don't go, service awful. Took ages to come to take our order, when food came it was very slap dash, no question of "is your meal ok?" after, practically had to get up to ask for pepper as they delivered the food to table and walked away so quickly didn't get a chance - and when we did ask for pepper - was told that they had run out and given a "cup" literally with fast food pepper sachets in it. Terrible! Restaurant is huge and was empty - be surprised if they last much longer. Shame as venue is lovely.


Very good food. Best pizza.


Have always had a good time whenever I go there and I go there quite a lot! Staff are really friendly, food's really good (and generous portions) Real value for money.

Daniel Clark

This is one of best Pizzeria's in town! They definitely deserve the award for best italian in hackney!


I had my 30th birthday at the resturant last weekend and we all had an excellent time food was superb and service was very good too must say there pizzas are very big!


Booths is one of the best places to go in Stoke Newington. It is a pleasent family run business and has a wonderful atmosphere. You are sure to be greeted by friendly faces and made to feel very welcome and the food is fantaastic. x


Far and away the best pizza in London - any non believers should try the rico and olive.

Andy Roberts

Hi just wanted to pass on to you a few thoughts about Booths. I went there last week to take my parents out for a pizza. I'd often wandered past & the cooking aromas smelt tempting.

On sitting down we were greeted by a surly waitress who gave us the distinct impression that taking our order was distracting her from a far more important conversation she was having with the pizza chef. Nevertheless, she took our order and 15 minutes later returned with the drinks. A total of 35 minutes later our simple pizzas arrived and were plonked on the table without the slightest hint of apology for the delay (even though the restaurant was half empty). On starting them we found that they were all luke warm and rock hard. On pointingthis out we were told that this was how they were supposed to be.

Keeping our thoughts occupied during this performance was the incessant bass beat through the floorboards from the nightclub downstairs, customers from which were sprawled across the pavement and abusive as we left.

I'm sad to say that this night out gave a pretty bad inpression of my new home to my parents who, unsurprisingly, are in no hurry to return.


The best pizza in London! Made by Italian pizza-makers in the restaurant space, thin & crispy bases, excellent toppings, v. reasonable prices. Excellent atmosphere, with bar downstairs. The music comes up through the floor, so don't expect it to be really quiet. Nice, friendly, unpretentious. Highly recommended.