Amjad's Karahi

156 The Broadway, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 1NN
Indian Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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11 reviews of Amjad's Karahi

Ali Raza

I love Amjad's Halwa puri, Nehari, paya. One of the best in the area.


Hi Dear,I used to eat "Amjad Bhaya's Karahi, is very delicious food, and the staff are very polite and nice. Excellent kebabs and aloe ghobi/roti. My love to all, and Amdjad bhaya, this is Maureen from The Netherlands.

Ibraheem Fazaldin

Amjad Karahi is spectacular and I would recommend it to anybody and have also recommended it to my friends and family. Great value for money and also go there often.


I go to Southall regularly and often go to Amjad Karahi. The food is excellent and the staff are very polite. I recommend the specials like nihari and paya (lamb trotters) and magaz. It tastes like home cooked food if your looking for original Pakistani cuisine.

Ali Shah

I used to eat at Babu's for many years, but recently since the two brothers split opening separate restaurants The bigger restaurant (Amjad Karahi) the food and service is very poor. However Burraq (which is next door) has fantastic food and service, probably the best in Southall....Highly recommended. All the food is freshly made and staff a friendly (plus the cleanest toilets in Southall!!)


The two brothers who ran Babu Tandoori have split the restaurant into two (family difference). The restaurant on the corner (the smaller one) is called Burraq and the food is excellent. Give it a try.


Great food. Good value and halal. Salad was a bit stale and the waiter didn`t know how to speak. But other than that I was happy.

Ms M. M. Mirza, Hounslow

Myself and my family have been eating here for years. The stale salad is a minor point, the food is delicious and very good value for money, so I strongly disagree with B. Parmar saying that the food "did not taste good at all". The service was not poor, you just have to know how to approach the staff working there. I strongly recommend the chicken karahi (let them know how mild/strong you want your food), kebabs and FRESH naan bread. On a warm summer's evening, round this off with a tall glass of cooling falooda. Go on, give it a try and make up your own mind. Just make sure you go on an empty stomach as portions are very filling. There will definitely be something on the menu to tantalise your taste buds. Happy eating!

Dennis Smith

This was probably the best dining experience I have had in a long time. the food was delicious, the service was good, and Good value for money. Excellent Kebabs and Kofta curry.

B Parmar

I go out once a week for dinner and have been to many restaurants and this has to be the worst by far. The food came within seconds, proving that it was not fresh and it did not taste good at all. The service was very poor. They gave a plate of stale salad which i had not requested, which i presumed was free, but to my horror i was charged for it. London has many Indian restaurants and this is one to definite to avoid.

M. Mirza

Delicious food. Good value for money and good service. Excellent. Give it a try!