Bengal Village

75 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RL
020 7366 4868
Indian Restaurant
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2 reviews of Bengal Village


A fantastic place, my favourite in Brick Lane. It has never disappointed me and is one of the few restaurants there where you find real genuine cuisine with interesting specials. I have never had an issue with the service at all, in the contrary when we came late and most of the other guests were about to leave they kept the restaurant open just for us and made a point in not rushing us at all.


Asked waiter for a recommendation of something of Madras spice level with a good sauce. What I got was less spicy than a pair of socks. When I complained, I was told 'You want Vindaloo?', which clearly I didn't or I would've asked for it. Upshot was that I asked not to be charged for my meal. The manager (having got our table surrounded by all of his waiters in various menacing poses) was practically apoplectic at the very thought and came out with a few choice lines, the best of which was "I never apologise to customers". Quite nice to feel so welcome. My friends' meals were ok but nothing special. In short - walk on by to any other restaurant on Brick Lane.