Bengal Village Takeaway

74 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1UF
020 8940 0792
Indian Takeaway
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8 reviews of Bengal Village Takeaway

JH of Richmond

I've been eating their curries for 17 years. You have to go seriously upmarket to find a restaurant that's better, let alone a take away.

Joe Garrigan

Been using this for many years and have never been disappointed. Great food and pleasant & friendly service from the family owners.

Charlie & Maggie

We have been getting takeaways from Bengal Village for about 18 years and they have always been fantastic! Quick delivery and SO tasty! Don't hesitate to order from them!


Once u go there u will go back forever

Indan ladies

We think this takeaway is awesome. Even though i had a cold and did not fancy anything, i went for it and it was delicious.

Nick Perry

All i can say is mmmmmmmmm Try this Indian take away I have lived East North South and West London I haven't found any Indian Takeaway where all the curry's taste so individual and so nice. It is the best Indian food I have had and that includes even at some of the most popular restaurants in London.

Nigel Biggin

I've tried lots of takeaways, but nothing comes close to the Bengal. Prompt service and the food is delicious.

Anouska Martin

Hi there, we absolutely love this take away and think it's one of the best in West London. We've yet to find anything that even comes close to the Bengal's high standard.