Cafe des Amis

93-95 St. Dunstans Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8AD
01227 464390
Mexican Restaurant
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20 reviews of Cafe des Amis


Would give 0 if allowed to. Worst service ever. The manager (French/Mexican man) was very rude and forthcoming. Squabbled over student discount when both of us were students and handled the situation very unprofessionally. We stayed anyway and tried a couple of starters. Not bad but very overpriced. They even had the audacity to add service charge after deliberately not issuing the discount. Made a fuss and left. Won't return!!

Hermione Riches Wohlrab

Just brilliant. I had a lovely time there with my dad and I am coming back there soon!! The best Mexican food ever!!!

Sunil Shingadia

Me and my girlfriend have been going here for a good part of 4 years and although i promise my self to try something other than the chicken or steak fajita's, they taste so AMAZING that I cant resist ordering them again and again! By far the best restaurant I've ever been to, so much so that I look forward to visiting Canterbury (as I'm from Birmingham and my girlfriend lives in Canterbury), I wish Birmingham had a restaurant like this! No need for a starter highly recommend the Fajita's (although I've been tempted to try the seafood paella, never got round to it as the fajita's are so good). ten out of ten!!!!!

Jon Woode

Great place, lovely people, Excellent food. Wish I could get the recipe for there black beans.

Ian Kendell

I've been going to the café des amis since 1996, I've probably been 60 times over the course of twelve years, and i have never had a bad meal. I love the Mexican food here and can say that it's the best Mexican food in all the places I've ever been too including Mexico and the USA. Just one thought of their nacho's and chicken fajita's makes me salivate.

Ruth Brown

My husband and I visited Cafe des Amis for our wedding anniversary last year. We both ordered Duck Confit and it was delicious. The atmosphere in the restaurant is great and we loved it. We live in Cambridge and I am just about to book a table for my birthday celebration. There is no other restaurant that we would travel so far to visit.


I visited after reading all the reviews on here and expected to have a great time. Absolutely appalled. I don't know if this was a one-off but I've never felt so badly treated in a restaurant. The whole Mexican/French fusion thing really didn't work for me. God knows how they thought up a starter that included cured Italian meats, olives, salsa, guacamole and cheese fondue. We had to eat it in two parts as the flavours really didn't work well together. Main course was an extremely greasy duck confit (reffered to by the waitress as a burger! About right...), absolutely swimming in grease with a chocolate sauce. I've never tasted anything like it. One forkful was enough and I sent it back. Partners burrito was served cold. Add to that the beer served in steaming hot glasses straight from the dishwasher and having to get up and collect my own cutlery and you start to get a picture of how upset I was getting. Having sent my main course back, the manageress came over and asked if I'd like anything else - then stood right over me while I read the menu again, constantly telling us that we were wrong and that no-one else complained, it must be a problem with us! Now I can accept that this may have been a one off experience (having read the other reviews) but clearly something went wrong and their whole attitude really stunk. By this stage we weren't feeling comfortable so we asked for the bill, but to only charge for the starter and the two beers. She came back with a bill for £30 (basically refused to fully discount the main courses that were untouched) but I felt embarrassed into just paying and leaving. I'm all for supporting local business, and I thought this place had a great reputation, but I'm sorry, if you screw up and refuse to acknowledge it, you're going to get a bad review. I won't be back!


Been there lots of times when visiting the UK. Loved the food, decor and atmosphere so much I proposed to my wife there (she was the main reason I kept coming to the UK). The whole staff helped to make it a special occasion. They'll always have my business.


I always go there and order Duck Fajtas. Staff are friendly, food is great and love the atmosphere.

Dan Goldfinch

I have eaten in this restaurant many a time always enjoyed it, birthdays and special occasions always get booked there.

Beth Williams

Actually a lovely restaurant and am going to try and get a job there soon!


Excellent value and friendly staff. Quality food.

Ian Davies

Don't bother with a starter, you won't need one. The Fajitas come served for two but if you ask them they will let you split them so you can have half chicken and half lamb, or half duck and half steak for example. The frozen cocktails will put you on your back if you have a couple. Without doubt, the best tasting and best value for money restaurant I have ever eaten at in the UK. And believe you me, I've eaten at a few, you should see the size of my gut! Highly, highly recommended! Two of you can have fajitas for £22 between you, bloody marvellous!

Tim James

Great Restaurant and fun staff.

Jo Jager

Always had a fantastic time here - esp as now fully non-smoking - but I am also disappointed by the Fri/Sat booking rule. Perhaps if deposits for large parties were taken.........?



John Conyers

Having eaten there a few times and always enjoyed myself I am now sad to say I am disgusted with the arrogance shown by this restaurant. I recently tried to book a table for 6 people on a Saturday night. Firstly I tried to book a table and was told they had just opened and they would call me back. That would have been fine with me if they had ever bothered to call back. Then the next day still trying to book a table I was informed on Fridays and Saturdays they only except bookings of four or less. While I can appreciate they are busy and I have always had a great time in the past (hence trying to go there for a birthday) I can not understand this policy. I am glad to say there is a new Mexican opening in Canterbury. Which will no doubt help Cafe des Amis keep there numbers down.


Chicken fajitas for two please.... excellent!!!! This art Mexican restaurant with relaxation atmosphere and delicious hot spicy tastes, makes you feel comfortable and like to make reservation for the next evening. Well, life is trying to be "café des amis" for everyone. Bravo!!!!

John Clark

Always welcome you with a genuine warmth. Never had a bad meal, but banned from having one of their after's, spoil your cholesterol levels for a month, but well worth the risk.

Mark Swain

This restaurant excels at transporting you out of the UK. It is far too relaxed, too consistently good and too consistently inexpensive to be in the UK. I eat there about twice or three times a week since 1986. I have eaten in restaurants all over the world and for it's type this is one of the best. Quality ingredients, good kitchen staff, friendly waiter / waitresses (without being over eager), great atmosphere, excellent management / ownership especially Frenchman Xavier and main owner Bill who now lives in Maui. Food is French / Mexican.