Coq d'Argent

1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ
020 7395 5000
French Restaurant
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2 reviews of Coq d'Argent


Just to update. The manager, David Best, called me and was most apologetic about the meal and the service we were received and sent me a generous voucher for another meal to enable them to put matters right.


Myself and my partner visited Coq d'Argent on Friday 11 August on the Evening Standard special which was £30 a head for 3 courses. We handed in our voucher upon arriving at the restaurant and were told we could have a drink before being seated at our table. We order drinks which took 30 minutes to appear and then made our own way back in the restaurant to see if our table was ready which it was. We perused the menu and I ordered smoked salmon to start with and then coq au vin. My starter was very pleasant but when my main course arrived I was very disappointed as the Chicken was so dry I could not swallow it without a drink, it looked as if it had been sitting under hot kitchen lights for hours and was quite inedible. The vegetables were also terrible, crunchy on the outside and very soft (micro waved) in the middle When the waiter asked us how our meal was I told him my Chicken was very dry, he took it to the chef and then came back and told us that the coq au vin was their signature dish and it had been a speciality for 6 years!! I said surely the Chicken should not be that dry and he said it was rooster and it should be! I have had coq au vin on numerous occasions and it has always been succulent and nothing like the dry bit of meat I was served. We also felt that because we had the evening standard vouchers the waiters were not treating us as well - they kept mentioning the fact that we had a voucher!! Ironically we probably spent more than we would have done choosing from the normal menu! This is definitely the worst Conran restaurant I have been too and I will be complaining to Mr Conran himself.