Caligulette Restaurant

201 High Street, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1NY
Seafood Restaurant
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Please note that this restaurant has now closed.

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33 reviews of Caligulette Restaurant

Charle Mason

Held a celebration for 60 friends at this restaurant and it was an absolutely fabulous night. The staff could not have been more helpful and took all the worries out of our hands. They decorated the tables just as I wanted and made everything look beautiful. The food on the night was superb and everyone said how delicious it was. The belly dancer was brilliant and entertained and got everyone clapping and laughing. Could not praise the staff or the food enough and would recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting to celebrate.

James Odhams

Reviewed 14 September 2011. This restaurant has changed management over the last few years but it still has great food and atmosphere, very eclectic with a mish max of various artefacts and quite dark but it adds to the atmosphere. Going up the stairs and in the toilets quite a few erotic pictures so some may be offended. Great entertainment especially if you are celebrating a special event. Waiters get you up to dance with them. Very hilarious at times. Food is a mediteranen/turkish mix and I have never had a bad meal there. Have seen celebs in there after they have starred in a production at the Churchill theatre.

Susan Bunch

Amazing service, wonderful meals for even the fussiest of eaters and spectacular entertainment! A great night out for all the family! Definitely a makes special occasions very memorable!


I have been to this restaurant a few times over the last couple of years and it just gets better and better! I love the party atmosphere on the weekends but also the quiet romantic atmosphere I can have with my husband in the week. The food is amazing and the staff always make us feel so welcome. The owner remembers our name and even our favourite wine! I give this restaurant a 5star rating all the way!!!

John Motton

The frist time we have been to this restaurant. One of the best in Bromley. Thank you to all at Caligvlette. Keep the good work up.


Utterly disappointing!! I'm not sure the other reviewers were at the same place. Where do I start? We booked a table for 12. When we arrived we were a couple more and the staff weren't very accommodating in helping us seat the extras. We then had a set menu shoved under our noses, so we enquired about the A La Carte menu, and were told that for large tables only the set menu is available. Now, I have no problem with this in principle, if they had bothered to tell us when we booked. Next the food: I think if I'd grilled a piece of leather and added some spices it would have tasted better than the steak that I had. I've had better steaks for a third of the price at Wetherspoons. Tasteless and tough to say the least. The cheesecake dessert tasted artificial, quite like something pre-school kids would make during play-time. Then the 'entertainment'. And this is what really gets me. Some very good sounding mediterranean music which lasted all of 10 minutes followed by the guy walking around using his tamborine as a collection jar, who wouldn't budge until we paid him. Now I'm sorry, if you're in the mediterranean sitting outside at a restaurant and locals are playing music and ask for something for their effort, fine. But not, inside a mediterranean-themed restaurant in Kent and not when your table bill comes to over £500. The restaurant should be paying them. I was really looking forward to this place after reading Jamie Oliver's review. Well, they must have really rolled out the red carpet treatment for him, because it was rubbish. I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone and will not be going back! The only slight positive that I could say if I was hard pushed to, was that the wine was reasonably priced. Caligulette: 1/10

Sarah Jones

I recently went to Caligulettes for a Works Christmas meal, it was the worst restaurant I have ever been to. Maybe they just couldn't cope with cooking so many meals, but it appeared that it was microwaved. The food was disgusting, I find Birds Eye better. The service appalling, I waited 2 hours for our first course. The dessert arrived at 11:30pm and we were there to sit down and eat at 8pm. When speaking to the Manager about how bad the service was, I was told that I was there for the night, what was my problem. We were told the dessert was late as there were no plates. Truly awful and at £33 per head what a joke.

Josh Novelli

This restaurant is the best I have been to in a long time. The food was very good, the owner and staff very nice, well done to you all at Caligulette. Keep the good work up!

Ayse Mehmet

Wow!! There are no other words for it! I was there for the first time on Saturday night and found myself in a restaurant that ticked all boxes! The menu was amazing (i was spoilt for choice) The service was superb and the atmosphere was outstanding!! We had a great time! I was so impressed I would recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting a great night out!

Simona Boulding

The restaurant is really good :) excellent service and amazing food, the staff are really outstanding, and the owners great. Without a doubt the best.

Fil Carmen

This restaurant is the best restaurant I have ever been to. The food is great, the service absolutely 5 star. Took my parents there for there 50th wedding and there was about 30 of us and the place was packed. All our meals came out on time. After dinner the staff started getting pepole up and dancing with them, very very pleased. One party mum and dad wont forget. Well done to all at Caligvlette, thank you.

Kerri Babarossa

Caligulette is very similar to London's Drury Lane restaurant - Sarastro, which is a great looking venue. I must say that the atmosphere at Caligulette was a lot more pleasant and apart from 1 delayed main dish the service was almost impeccable! We eat at Caligulette on Tuesday 26th June 2007 as It was my sister in-law Jemaliye's birthday (29 years young and absolutely stunning!!) The restaurant had to cater for quite a large number of us, and trust me we're fussy lot!!! Jemaliye was the envy of all the ladies as the very debonair waiter asked her to dance!! They were shaking their stuff to Ricky Martin's La Bomba and looked fantastic! Like they'd been dancing together for years! Needless to say, we all walked out with full belly's and big smiles - (despite Jem and I sharing the same taste in outfit!!). My partner and I are going to book to sit in the little romantic candle lit cove!


Great family restaurant, go there every few months, always have a good time- food, service, atmosphere.

Cengiz Kemal

This restaurant is of a high standard, the service and food was outstanding. As we came into the restaurant we were politely greeted by the owner. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very calm and polite. There is live music and dancing on the night that I went and it was great, and I recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Rosie Frewer

My friend and I went to Caligulette for the first time last week , the waiters were very charming ,food excellent and they had a fantastic singer called Alex Banks. It turns into a disco later , great fun have booked for my friends hen night next month!


I visited this restraunt for my aunties bday recently and I want to recommend it to every onee.. The service was wikeedd and they waiters were soo kindd..! I loved the atmosphere and the food... I might have my bday in here to..


I had my hen night at this venue 5 years ago and could not fault the evening I could not begin to tell you how much fun we had so many of us were keen to return. Whilst everyone seemed to enjoy the evening overall which included going to a bar before and club after if honest sadly venue has changed a great deal. I recall one waiter who I wont name being very far from accomodating and this aggitated a large number of our group -with such a large party it made ordering hard and complicated at times. Yes the food was great and bely dancer and some of the bar staff seemed up for a giggle but as some of the reviews already mention it's the staff that make this place and some of them dont have fun and a service with a smile on their agenda which was such a shame and certainly had an impact.I hope that if my sister decides to go there for her hen night next year things will have improved a little.

Eva Morvay

This restaurant is a must. The food is great. The personal are great. The owner is a very nice man. They have live music ahd dancing. I had my hen night there,it was a night of my life I will not forget. To the staff and owner thank you.

Fay Russell-Clark

A unique restuarant with the best tasting steak around (They even serve T-bone!) I love the decor, I love the tables by the window which are hidden away from everyone else, my favourite restaurant around!

Donna Rickaby

What could have gone so wrong? After frequenting this resturant for so many years, I had the worst meal ever there about 3 weeks ago. There has obviously been a change over of management and staff and no one seems to speak English, so ordering was fun. Would not return based on the last meal I had there but worst than the food was the service.

Fiona Finch

Great place to host a celebration, food fantastic, cant understand bad reviews. The price is reasonable and service great, will definately re visit.

Lisa Smith

The best resaurant I have been to. The staff are great, the food very good, the owner a very nice man. Price for a meal unique.

Simon Rickaby

The staff are a good laugh in a restaurant with a fantastic atmosphere. The food is better than great especially the Brie in filet pastry. Book the balcony.

Nicola Spean

I cant understand bad reveiws of this restuarant. I have been going a couple of times a year for the past couple of years. This restaurant is unique- the scenery is a cross between your nans lounge, a christmas tree and a brothel! It is fantastic! The food is really cheap £6.95 for a two course lunch with coffee - no bangers and mash and microwave food - all food is freshly prepared and home made. From home made fish and chips to turkish pasta to new zealand mussels. I have never had a bad meal here. This isnt Mcdonalds so if you want to eat drink and leave in 15 minutes then go to Mcdonalds - 10 doors away. The guys that own the place are always there with a smile and conversation. My mum is a chef (very highly regarded) and she loves it too. My daughter is 10 years old and it is her favourite place. Give it a try you will either love it or hate it. But then for a two course lunch with wine for about £20 if you hate it who cares and if you love it - see you there soon!

Maria & Tom Payne

The worst service We've experienced so far in London. The staff should be trained at least in manners for us to ever go back. The place is ok but nothing too original either.

Steven King

Quite dissapointed, service poor, 15mins to be served a drink when we arrived, this when the restaurant was empty. Roast duck was tough although cherry sauce very tasty. Whole evening poor. Would not return.

Donna Rickaby

Fantastic in everyway! The owners are so friendly. My husband and I used to live in Beckenham and went every week. We moved out of the area and went back about 18 months later and the owner remembered our names and even our fav wine.Would recommend this place to everyone and do!

Cherry Morel

This restaurant is unique. Staff are lovely. Lots of courses, the atmosphere is brilliant, great fun. You can have a really romantic evening at one of the tucked away tables or a family dinner in the main body of restaurant. There are also the balcony tables which are great.

Sarah Smith

I came here for my 19th birthday and i had a wicked time. my birthday salsa dance left a smile on my face for days!!! The food was gorgeous too! I cant wait to go back for christmas!!!

Cengiz Kemal

i find this reastaurant very very very reasonable in price seen as i get all my food free because the owner is my uncle but anyways this reastaurant is great fun and i like the staff and it is a really good night out for all types of people seen has there is always special events like fortune tellers and belly dancers and it is a great place to come if it is your birthday.

Louise Richardson

Food was very average and we found the staff creepy! Opera on Sunday night was good, although I'd avoid the male opera singer - my Grandad could do better. Over priced, very average food. Very gimmicky - only really any good if you had a large party to cater for (office christmas do etc.)

Lian Thurlow

This restaurant is an absolute gem and is packed every night including weekdays and Sundays. Cost wise it's extremely reasonable and Sunday lunch is a bargin. The staff are great fun, especially if it's your b'day and there is always after dinner dancing on a Friday and Saturday. Every other Sunday they have live opera which is also fantastic.
Not to be missed!


The restaurant is absolutely unique. It offers a very warm lively oriental atmosphere, very pleasant personal table service with free starters and fruit for desert and good quality meals. The music is lively, sometimes opera oriented. After dinner hours people may start dancing. A good night out.