Cottons Rhum Shop

55 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN
020 7485 8388
Caribbean Restaurant
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5 reviews of Cottons Rhum Shop

Clifford Tuitt

Just want to say well done to all the staff. My only worries is how the service is very slow.


This place has really gone down, I have been coming here for 20+ years. 1 star for the atmosphere and service, the food was terrible, the drinks warm and the glasses dirty. I drank my dragon stout from the bottle. When I made a comment about this and the fact that the service charge was already added to my bill and prefer to decide myself, the manager was a total smart ars* telling me that the restaurant will be here for another 25 years. Well it will have to-improve dramatically to do this!!!! Dr K

Lilie Dyer

Cottons is one of the best caribbean restaurants in london. I have dined there on several occasions and everytime the service and the food has been excellent. The portions are just right and the desserts are to die for especially the chocolate rum cake. The cocktails are great and the selection of rums are impressive. Cottons is the best restaurant to experience good west indian food so i recomend it to everyone.


Friday 10th March 2006 After much hype surrounding our evening, seven of us set off to Cottons in Camden. We had heard and seen some decent reviews about the restaurant and four out of seven of the group are from the West Indies so we were in full anticipation. On arrival I couldn't make out if we were in a themed bar or a regular pub in Camden. The place packed full of pushy people and staff that didn't really have any idea how to cope with a busy Friday night. After finding a member of staff we were informed that "were sorry we don't know when your table will be ready..." So we battled to the bar and got around of rum and cokes in. If you like rum, this is the place to be. If they haven't got your flavour of rum then I would be most surprised. Furthermore, the bar staff seem to genuinely enjoy their job, which makes the whole experience more bearable.Finally shown to our seats after thirty-five minutes, I noticed that in fact this was a restaurant and not just a bar. The place was packed to the roof (good sign), with all three rooms full of hungry dinners. We were greeted by a friendly member of staff and were handed our menus and ordered some more drinks. The menu, although basic seemed traditional and reasonably priced. In a matter of minutes we had our drinks and had placed our order. Unfortunately this is where the restaurant seized to be a restaurant and became an agonising wait. Offered just that one drink before the meal we sat and waited one hour and fifteen minutes for our meal. Six out of seven of us finally received our order. We waited so long that a couple of us actually had time to go and look for a cash point and off licence! When my meal eventually arrived it was over cooked to the point where it was burnt, dry and had been served up with a nice 'juicy' piece of fat that claimed to be meat. The final dish arrived... Jerk Chicken, no sweet and sour. On sending my food back I was asked, "what was wrong with it?" Well, I didn't want to eat charcoal or fat and I certainly didn't want a conversation about it. I was then told "that's how it comes." If that's how it comes, 'then how the hell is this place so damn full,' I asked my self. My experience of Cottons was spoiled by slow incompetent service and by a restaurant that doesn't work. Over all if you end up in Cottons then don't expect too much. Understand what the eatery is... and that is simply a poor attempt at a themed West Indian restaurant with more hype than a night at the Oscars. Quick recommendations: Dedicate one or more staff to each room and let them concentrate that area, instead of letting them charge around like headless jerk chickens. Manage time with regards to both food and drink. A good restaurant never stops poring drinks. 11 March 2006

Marcia Smith

The food was absolutely delightful and the service was a lot better than I expected. Its warming to see a caribbean restaurant doing well. I've eatan in many caribbean restaurants in London and this is by far the best. I'd definately recomend Cottons to all my friends.