Chong's Restaurant

170 Station Road, North Chingford, London, E4 6AN
Chinese Restaurant
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30 reviews of Chong's Restaurant


Chongs is an amazing all you can eat restaurant. When you think of all you can eat, you think of hot plates, food left out in the open and cold. Chongs is different you can order anything you like from the menu and it comes piping hot. If you want more food you can just place your order again and for no extra cost. The kong po chicken is amazing and so is the garlic and chilli king prawns.. me and my family had a really good time and spent about 4 hours chatting and eating.

Mrs Snell

I was recommend this restuarant, and can I say how disappointed I was. Food that was ordered was missed, the rice was cold along with a couple of other dishes. Ordered a Jack Daniels and coke they served a cheap whisky and coke. When we decided to complain, a member of staff had the cheek to say that we had been there before and done the same thing. I can say it was definitely my first and last visit to Chongs of Chingford. Over priced for the standard of service.

Michael H

From coming back from 3 months of amazing chinese food out in China I find this place one of the very few I'm happy to eat at, great value for money good food and quick service.

Nigel Franklin

I think Chongs is fantastic value for money and a good night out and good service.


This place used to be the best, but sadly it has fallen from grace. Too few staff in the kitchens menas slow food service and wrong orders appearing. This is then compounded by staff who are too pushy with drinks orders. If you order a take away check the box before you leave, it is often wrong. Real shame, as having visited this place for over 20 years, I take no satisfaction from seeing it offer the poor service it does today.

Ferah and Christina

Well what can we say, value for money ,quality of food and service all 10 out of 10 for this place. Its been the location of our birtday dinners, Valentine, Christmas eves, New years and not forgetting the take outs on a regular for the past 10 years together. Its almost as if its part of our relationship eating there from 17 years of age. The sadest news to hear that our friend Peter who owned Chongs passed away late 2008. Such such sad news to his family and his partner .He always toook time to come and say hello and always offered drinks. May he rest in peace. The restaurant is still being run by the right people a must eat place if u like chinese.


Reading some of the criticism here, it goes to prove the old saying, you can't please everyone. Chongs is probably the best value and the best Chinese food that I know of and I've tried many. £17 for as much as you can eat is tremendous value for money. The staff can be seen as a bit surly but I think that's just the way of Chinese people, I don't believe they mean to be rude. I've paid 3 times as much for food that was half as good elsewhere. Chongs rocks.


I have been going to Chongs Chinese Restaurant in Chingford, 3 times per month over the last 5 years and I have found it to be the best Chinese Restaurant.The food is very nice and also the staff are very nice and kind. The amount of food which you can eat, for the money you pay is exceptional.


I have been to Chong's in Chingford many times, not once have i left feeling disappointed! The service and the food has always been great! You get a belly full of food (literally) for reasonable money, quite cheap if you were to ask me! Highly recommended!


Although the food is good, I was pretty disgusted by the appalling and very rude attitude of the management. I once booked at Chongs for a Chinese New Year diner. This was fine, only when I returned home I found a very rude message on my answer phone telling me off in no uncertain terms that I had failed to turn up for my booking. The message was recorded 25 minutes after I had already arrived at the restaurant! I phoned to tell them they had made a mistake and that I didn't appreciate their comments. This fell on deaf ears, so I wrote asking for an apology. They completely ignored me needless to say. I can understand misunderstandings can happen, but I cannot tolerate rudeness and the fact that they totally ignored something which was entirely their mistake. When things go well then great; but here is a restaurant that treat you like dirt when they make a mistake and want to hid from it.

David K

We went to this restaurant last night as their Emporers Eat As Much As You Like Menu looked excellent. Huge range of what looked like very decent Chinese Cuisine and we had eaten here a few years ago so we thought we would give it a try. Unfortunately as soon as we walked through the doors and being hit by the overpowering stench of Chinese food we decided to stay rather than walk straight out again! It was due to a lack of air conditioning which they only turned on after guests asked them to. Then, a few minutes later, they would turn it off again until someone else complained. Hence, we left with our clothes stinking of food which has put us off ever going there again.... and that's even before we had eaten any of their food! We both went for the Crab and Sweetcorn Soup which was pretty poor, the Starters were even poorer, the Mongolian Lamb was both hot and cold depending on which area of the plate you picked it up from and the main courses werent much better. Truly awful, avoid this place !!!


22.8.07 A party of four of us visited Chongs in the evening. We chose the Emperor's Menu, which is essentially an a-la-carte buffet and the selection and quality of the food was excellent, no complaints in respect of the cooking or the value. However, the lady who served us was very surly and impatient throughout our meal. There was no firendly welcome from her upon arrival. This reached a rather embarassing climax. She had brought us the bill (which already includes a service charge) and we had left the correct money on the table with the bill folder. We got up and put our coats on and were just starting to move away from the table when she shot over from the back of the restaurant, rifled through the money (as if to say we were thieves and were trying to escape without paying) counted it out on the table, then took it away without any thanks or goodbyes. We had been polite and quiet customers during the entire visit and so I can only put this down to very bad attitude on her part. I should add that two of the other staff who had come to the table on occasion were pleasant enough, but this woman (who seemed the head waitress) was rude and unfriendly and she really shamed herself by her actions at the end. So yes, the food is excellent, but unfortunately I would not go back due to the very rude staff.

Samantha Andrew



Chongs is a firm family favourite with us. We are regular visitors and our two young children love dining there and trying out lots of new dishes. The staff are friendly and service on the whole good. The emperor menu is a good way of trying different dishes and is very good value.

Daire Nolan

I have been going to Chongs for about 5 years! The food is just so tasty, I just love it so much! The staff are really friendly and chatty. I would deffinetly reccomend the crispy duck, seaweed, smoked shredded chicken and the satay chicken! My mum and my Grandma just love it to! When it is time for the bill they put some chocolate and sweets on a little plate, and bring you your jackets! Anyone who has not yet been there I would strongly recommend it to you!!!xoxox


My family & I have lived in Epping for the past twenty years and it was in the fifth year that we discovered the Chongs in Chingford (having been twice before to the one in Loughton and although satisfied overall, not particularly impressed). Given that our family's alcohol consumption is meagre, we always find the Emperor's Menue & the relevant bill very good value for money. Not to forget to mention the friendly but yet professional service by the staff, particularly the head-waitresses Julie & Amy. No hesitation in recommending The Chongs Chingford as one of the best in the region.

Lee Wells

Well put it this way, I've put on about 5 stone since I discovered Chongs, It's the best food in london. Very highly recommended. :)


I would just like to say that me and all my friends love chongs. It is the best chinese around and great value for money. The bang bang chicken is to die for and the garlic prawns. Would recomment to everyone.

Tony Clifford

I'm not surprised to read the good reviews about Chongs. I have been there many times and it is definitely the best restaurant Chinese I have ever had, although I agree to watch the drinks bill. My family have had great personal service for several years, and the staff always remember us. Which is why I'm concerned about the critics. Perhaps they are used to take away curries and prawn crackers. I would recommend Chongs to anybody.


An excellent chinese restaurant. Food is always great and you can order as much as you want. Drinks are really expensive - but the food is excellent value so makes up for it!

Mark Huggard

Chongs is the best chinese Restaurant I have been to. The food is always delicious and piping hot . I prefer Chongs to other eat as much as you like restaurants/buffet style because you are not in and out in half an hour. They dont rush you out and the staff are very friendly and give you good service. All the dishes they serve are exellent, however I will recommend one dish and thats the garlic butter prawns, they are out of this world.


I have been to Chongs on several occasions and find it very good value for money. There is a wide selection of food to choose from and you can order as much as you like. You only need to be careful when ordering drinks as they can push the cost of the bill up considerably.


Chongs need to lower the price for the emprors menu and make the customer more aware of prices.

Gurkan Yilmaz

This is a fantastic chinese restaurant. In fact it became my instant favourite. I normally eat chinese 4 times a week so trust me when I say this place is good. You can look forward to the mouth watering Emperor's menu. You will be stuffed by the time you even make it to the main dishes! Each time I have been there I wished my stomach was infinitely large. The menu is extensive. Add to this the visual feast that is the decor. Handcarved gold plated wood art. I dont what else to call them. They are simply unbelievable. You can look at them for hours and still miss detail.

Lets get to one point that is dear to me. Customer service. I have worked in the customer service sector for 6 years. This place has it in abudance. Its why I've been back two more times and will continue.

I have been there twice with my girlfriend and once with my parents. The atmosphere is relaxing and warm.

The waiters are humble, polite, always smiling and ever observant. What more could you ask for.

I am very sorry and surprised to hear the bad experiences some reviewers had but I cannot recommend this place highly enough. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. Go there now!


The Bang bang chicken is the best in the world.


Like the reveiwer E.clarke i to live in chingford. I went with a group of twenty people from work for a meal and can say with out a doubt it was the worst meal i have ever had, not one person in our party enjoyed there meal, the meat dishes where dried out, the staff where very unfriendly, they tried to tell us what we where going to have, and did not like it when we insisted we had the food wanted. After speaking to my friends not one of them would recomend chongs.

E Clarke

I live in Chingford and have visited Chong's before as a member of a party of teachers. However, my second visit with my wife left me with the distinct feeling that I had been had. I booked by by phone we were given a table within 30 minutes. On arrival at 9.45 the place was thronging with people. I must say though that our reception left us feeling as though we were putting our initial contact to some inconvenience. We were shown to a table for four in the center of the restaurant. The backgroud noise was such that we sat next to each other in order to hear what each other was saying. The food arrived quickly but I felt that the bill was inordinately expensive for what we had to eat and drnk. Furthermore the attitudes of the staff we encountered seemed unfriendly with the exception of one waiter with whom I struck up a conversation. Having spent over £58.00 for a meal of meagre portions,two drinks and a bottle of wine, we were ignored by the staff as we left with the exception of the afore mentioned waiter. I have been to much better Restaurants before,paid less and felt more welcome. Needles to say I would not recommend Chong's and wont be going back.

Sarah Jones

The Hot & Sour Soup is to die for !!


I like chinese food and usually find that restaurants that do "eat as much as you like" for a set price are not normally very good on selection and food is only luke warm. However Chongs is outstanding! The food is piping hot and you can order off the menu with a large selection for all. The service is excellent and staff are very polite and prompt. The price is a little higer than most, however the food is a reflection on this and is probably the best chinese i have had, and believe me i've had a few! There is a live Pianist which gives the evening that extra special feel. Anyone who is considering eating here would not be dissapointed.If you want a good chinese meal and a restaurant with a great atmosphere this is the place to go.

July 2002

Now I don't like Chinese food normally and I will only frequent these restaurants under duress. However, I must say that this is probably one of the finest meals bar none that I have had the pleasure to have eaten. A little more expensive than some places but you obviously get what you pay for. I would definitely recommend restaurant this to you all.