Cafe Spice Namaste

16 Prescot Street, London, E1 8AZ
020 7488 9242
Indian Restaurant
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3 reviews of Cafe Spice Namaste

P Khedair

Reading the comments on Cafe Spice I thought i just had to send in a review. The person must have landed up in any one of the pseudo Cafe spices around the place. The best Dhansaak in town and the venison and duck they serve are way above par. Did not find it astronomical at all.

Chris Cochrane

Mediocre food. The staff were nice enough, but the food was sub standard in my opinion. Many better places just around the corner on Brick Lane.

R Husbands

From the exotic sounding menu I thought I was in for a treat, unfortunately it was the biggest culinary disappointment of my life. The food was terrible, the styrofoam like pilau rice was even too terrible for a can, and the astronomical prices seemed like a dream that turned into a bad nightmare when the bill came. Only after eating there have I read all the bad reviews. Let me be the next person in line to say Cafe Spice Namaste is a horrible experience.