Crow's Wine Bar & Restaurant

10 King Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 1JN
Mexican Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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6 reviews of Crow's Wine Bar & Restaurant

Tony Sadler

Very poor! Went recently for my brothers birthday & we were all less than impressed. Most of the food was cold to lukewarm, not all of the meals arrived at the same time and the staff were totally lacking in enthusiasm (when they weren't discussing other members of staff close to diners!). The best part of the meal was the dessert, which might explain why the restaurant was half empty on a Saturday night in the middle of June!! Used to be good but has gone downhill, avoid.


Two of us ate there on 9th Feb - 2 course 'earlybird menu' - 2 course £7.95. The food tasted OK (nothing more), but the portions were TINY. I still felt hungry after the 2 courses. I was asked at the till if everything was OK and replied that I was disappointed to feel hungry after a 2 course meal. I was told that the portions are 'early bird' portions and that I had got good value!!!!! I paid up but left feeling ripped off and insulted. I would not go there again.

J Angus

This place has drastically gone downhill. I used to love it. I went last night and ordered the Texan burger, this used to be a gorgeous made in house burger, last night I received two freezer to fryer burgers, smothered in cheese in a cheap bun. I sent it back. The place was empty, looked tired and old. It's only been 18 months since my last visit. Amazing that it could have changed so much in that time.


Great place. The food is just fab, hot, spicy and authentic. Great service every time, sometimes I could do without the table hopping magician but each to their own. Love it...Try it!!!!!

D. Dangabaloo

Just returned from two weeks in Lancaster. Crow's is one of the few places in Lancaster that you can access the Internet. They have two coin-operated computers at the bar (1 pound for twenty minutes). You can get espresso, lattes and cappuccinos--however, their American style brewed coffee kind of sucks (as it does most places in the UK.) I wasn't brave enough to try their "Mexican" food. Their Brit food is good. My few complaints about Crow's is that they don't open early enough (they open at 11 a.m.)and they didn't serve John Smith's beer--my favorite Brit draft. So, as the markets are right across the street--I would get my breakfast elsewhere and then hit Crow's to use the Internet.

Jon Dann

Superb place. Great atmosphere, lovely staff. Fine selection of food and drink. Especially suitable for vegetarians: I have never seen Quorn on any other menu!