Don Fernando Spanish Tapas Restaurant

27F The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1DN
020 8948 6447
Spanish Restaurant
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5 reviews of Don Fernando Spanish Tapas Restaurant


I'm half Spanish and have lived in Spain for 12 years. I felt bitterly disappointed at the food in this restaurant. It tasted nothing like the real deal. I took my friends there for my birthday and got a very poor example of what Spanish food is like. Very much overpriced and minute portions. I Can't say I'll ever go back there.


Good food, well priced and very friendly. They also have a very extensive vegetarian selection which I was very impressed with. I've been there a few times. Check it out


One of my favourite restaurants around.And one of the few I go back to again and again. Excellent variety for vegetarians, helpful, friendly staff and lovely fresh ingredients. Highly recommended!

Nick the Greek

Absolutely awful overpriced rubbish. I think this is possible the worst eating experience i have had. And the price! nearly £7 for a pathetic seafood skewer which tasted awful. Even the waiter didn't know whether the fish was seabass or halibut. Despite being regular diners out we couldn't tell but they should know! and the texture of seabass is slightly different to halibut. awful and probably only good if you drink so much you can't tell what the food tastes like. restaurants like these can only surivive on ignorance. Save your money.

Kamran Karoonian

My favourire restaurant in UK. Excellent food, Excellent wine and Excellent service.

If you ever fancy the freshest ingredients with authentic taste, then Don Fernando is the place to go and eat. We have even been there a number of times well past closing time without being asked to leave or the management being upset with us for staying late. That is why we have been coming to eat at DF for over 8 years now.