Dig in the Ribs Restaurant

47 Preston Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2HP
01273 325275
Mexican Restaurant
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3 reviews of Dig in the Ribs Restaurant


Dig in the Ribs has, admittedly, a terrific atmosphere. Coming as I do from an American hotbed of TexMex cuisine, I felt right at home in the lighting, loud music and wall decorations. But that's where the comparisons ended. Somewhere between the outrageously priced margaritas, slow, inattentive service and bland meal, I wondered at what point this promising restaurant lost their way. The main courses were OK at best--at worst they were bland. Sour cream and guacamole are not provided, for one, and what food we were offered did not match the price we paid. Will not be returning.

Holly Williams

I went to this restaurant on a recomendation from a friend and was very dissapointed! Main course was not as discribed on the menu and very overpriced. The Chicken was dry and the tomato sauce was very bland and they seemed to forget the quacomole and sour cream. Very poor service and at £30 per head (not including deserts) rest assured I won't be going there again. The only good thing this restaurant has going for it is the generous portion sizes.


Absolutely fantastic, atmosphere and service. Caters unbegrudingly for children. Have been here time and time again and they have never failed to deliver the goods. Great music too.