Donatello's Pizzeria

91 Dunstable Street, Ampthill, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK45 2NG
01525 404666
Pizza Restaurant
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1 review of Donatello's Pizzeria

Claire Harvey

This small pizza place was chaotic on arrival. A booked table for four, we were confused with another table who had been sent away. Offered a free drink and then it was realised that we had only just arrived. But free drink was provided. The waiting staff were many but didn't seem to do much work. Tables were left uncleared. drink orders took a long time to be taken. Cutlery and glasses had to be requested several times. THe starters were disappointing - bruschetta - dry toast and a pot of tomatoes. Seafood salad over priced and lacking in dressing ( had to be requested) Pizza's varied in base despite the fact it was requested to have thin base and being told they only did one type. Two pizza's were undercooked both base and topping. Seafood pasta had clearly just been dumped out of the oil preserving the seafood. once pasta had been eaten the oil was about 1 inch deep. staff were very keen to give the free drink but still had to be asked several times to bring the dessert menu. the bill did not arrive and the next table also complained as the order had been written incorrectly. The staff are too young to care. No one waiter/waitress seemed to be allocated our table. The decor is dated and it boggles the mind why they were busy. The fact that they have a captive audience and no competition from a decent italian restaurant must be the answer! We question how they have survived so long and if any of the chef's have actually been to italy. garlic bread was ok - but quite hard to mess that up ! ;-)