Dino's Pizza

4 Crantock Street, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1JS
Pizza Takeaway
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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3 reviews of Dino's Pizza

Matt Jones

I have visited Dino's both 8 years ago (not long after they opened) and very recently. Firstly I have to say that, for takeaway pizza, this is of an extremely high standard. Secondly I have to say that I do not understand the last review. Mike seems a reasonable chap but his experience did not reflect mine, both 8 years ago and very recently. It really was coinsistent. I ordered my pizza, it was made up freshly in front of me and baked in the oven while the friendly staff chatted. They always say it might be 20 mins or so but I have always found it to be much faster.In summary, this is not traditional Italian pizza, but the closest you will get with takeaway pizza - which makes it a great post pub / club meal!! I personally recommend their Marinara. Great after an afternoon in the Atlantic!


The proprietor of this restaurant was very rude to me because I asked for a side order of chillies. He told "I will have you put in a box and sent back to where you came from". I asked him if customer service was important to him & he said "I don't care about you, get out of my shop before I have someone come & take you away". I asked him if he was threatening me or going to be violent to me & he said "No, but I will make you violent towards me". Another Pizza restaurant in Newquay told me I was about the 20th person this season to complain about Dino's.

Go here and ask for side orders if you want a fight, otherwise avoid this place.


Best pizza i've had in a long long time.....