Dhaka Tandoori Restaurant

103 Hoe Street, London, E17 4SA
020 8520 5151
Indian Restaurant
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7 reviews of Dhaka Tandoori Restaurant


I visited this restarant tonight as passing trade with my husband, my sister and her partner. We were dubious about going in as no menu was displayed outside, but, against our better judgement, stepped inside. The staff were friendly enough and were welcoming. The food was a completely different story! The meat was poor quality. The lamb in my starter had a nice flavour but the consistency of rubber. My main, Rogan Chicken was okay but my husband and sister who had ordered the Dansak and Madras respectively could only manage a few mouthfuls of their food before declaring it far too hot. I tasted them both and the fieryness was that of a Phall or a Vindaloo and not very enjoyable. The waiter just smirked and nodded when we explained the problem when he eventually came over to clear the table. We decided not to order dessert, finished our drinks and got the bill. We will not be going back to this place and would advise against anyone thinking of going.

Alan Fitzpatrick

Visited last Thursday. Very high quality food with excellant service. All of our party of 11 spoke highly of this restaurant. It was so good I'm paying another visit this week. Great value for money restaurant particularly during these hard times!!

Robert Winsay

Delicious food, one of the finest indian restaurents in the east of london. Try the mixed biriyani hmmmmm yum yum yum.


Dhaka has a new modern look and the food and service is much better than last time itz so yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.


I eat here all the time because it's SO yum. Home delivery can be a bit slow on Fri/Sat night but it's because they are so popular. Good mix of East End clientelle. My favorite dish is Lamb chops with mash on top. Worth the wait. Excellent ambience, friendly staff and they make a mean Irish coffee.

Mr Mark Ward

Looooooovly! Recomendations: Dhakashwrawri.

Big Will Rollie

A truely fine curry, one of the finest curries I have enjoyed outside of India. Made to feel like an Indian prince (Rajah) once sat inside the sumptuse surrondings of Hoe Street.