27 High Street, Bushey, Hertfordshire, WD23 1BD
Italian Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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10 reviews of Delanos

Matilda Wagner

..was very good!!.. and bookings online..a drink (cocktail!!) for free!!!!!

Richard Moyes

Fantastic time couldn't ask for anythimg better. Really loved the food and the service was unmistakeable. Can't wait to go back. All the staff are friendly and the management is great.


Dreadful!!!! Never go back.Booked table for 8.30pm, didnt get seated until 10pm, couldnt leave due to 30th birthday. Manager was very rude, by the time we ordered the kitchen was closing, no side dishes, no sauces. Were not offered complimentry drinks due to wait, the manager just said, 'What do you want me to do, I cannot throw customers out' We replied, 'Why take a booking then'? Worst restaurant Ive ever been to!

Jas Sahney

Fab place; great atmosphere, good service, great food and you are never rushed off your table... You can sit at the bar and feel at home.... I love it!

Thomas Allen

We had a TERRIBLE meal at Delanoslast night; we had to refuse the steak TWICE. The chef was laughing with his staff about the steak.The owner was unbelievably rude. We were left speechless....Avoid.

Mick Richards

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - I loved the food, i went there with my partner and we had a wonderful evening. We were both made to feel very welcome and both Glen and I left fully satisfied. The food was great and there open minds to people in a same gender relationship was very refreshing. We will be going there again and recommending to our "exotic" circle of friends.

Glenn Brown

Spot on - Belisimo - A great place it really gets you in the mood. 10 out of 10 !!!

Simon Henry

We've been there twice now. The garden is lovely to eat in on a warm evening and inside the decor is modernistic and cool. The food is excellent and the service is friendly but unobtrusive.

Our best find in ages.

Mike Mc Arthur

Just what the area needed. Service was above average, prices more than fair (£22 each for 3 courses + beer). Super garden for Summer.

brigitte mischler

Excellent decor,one of the finest terraces and gardens for alfresco eating in the whole of London-just like being on the cote d'azur.They just changed the chef and its every bit as the West end without the hassle of parking and walking over peeing bodies on the pavements.All the joys of eating in a modern attractive restaurant with excellent food at neighbourhood prices 10/10


Been going to Ektoras for three years and the 'Souvla' is to die for. Best Greek for miles & miles.

Jamie Searle

This is a night out not just some were to eat the food is great every time the manager is a very nice man.


I love Greek food and out of all Greek restaurants I've found that one the best!!!