Hogshead South Woodford

184 George Lane, London, E18 1AY
Mixed Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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4 reviews of Hogshead South Woodford

15/04/2003 (formally known as Michael.Finbar)

I feel compelled to justify my comments and maybe redress some of them, back in 2001 I was a regular at this pub after it had been converted from a VW showroom and so my comments were based on plenty experience. I have however revisited HH Woodford several times since and I must say that service has improved greatly and the staff are always polite. I still have not mustered up the courage to eat there again, but I might just pop in there this Easter and give it a go.

David Thomas

The hogshead was a great pub/bar. Although the "traditional" has faded with the modernisation of the brand, it does not mean the hogsheads great tradition of superb service, and delightful atmosphere has faded too. With its crisp clean and almost sterile appearance and warm bar staff I would advise anybody to go there. It was a pleasure to be served by "Mike" and "Gollum". They were smartly dressed, witty and very accomplished, all round 10/10 bar persons. The food was brought over with cutlery, & amenities very quickly. The portions, presentation, standard of food were faultless. So Michael.Finbar@Bigfoot I would give it another try before being so hasty.

August 2002

Although at times when Hogshead scene is busy it is hard to get service, but I have found the staff, generally delightful. The food they have served have been plantiful, enough for me and a friend to 'scoff' and feel pleasantly stuffed...Maybe this, went on a bad day, dont be so quick to judge...go and see it again, then if they continue this type of behaviour u can judge. I have been on many occasions, and I have yet to see them behave in the way that you have mentioned.


Unless you are a tight arsed bimbo with your breasts hanging out you are unlikely to be served by the male staff, Several times I've been waiting at the bar and watched (as any hot blooded male would) one of these 'tarts' walk up to the bar and then was told that they had been waiting longer than me, how so as I was looking at them on their approach to the bar. I have also had the unfortunate experience of eating here, after ordering the food (that was available) we were given so few chips that when we went to order more, only then did they tell us that they had run out. If they did not have enough in the first place they should have said so before alighting us of our hard earned cash, they didn't even have any salt, pepper or cutlery to go with our meals. It's a shame that all Hogsheads are known as the Hogshead as a more traditional pub name that would be fitting would be the 'Dick Turpin - the highway robber'. Two thumbs down on the food, drink and service, but the clientele look OK!