Chicken Cottage

71 High Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2AP
0208 989 7700
Chicken Takeaway
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15 reviews of Chicken Cottage


10/10 that all I can say.

Waseem aka badshah4u

Chicken Cottage iz that damn good Im opening my very own lol. Love the food love, the layout and yes there HALAL lol beef burger at last had to happen. Im opening 1 in Scotland. sshhh cant say too much just watch this SPACE.

Taherul Khan

It's the best experience of my food life. KFC is in trouble.

Nadeem Sham

Well where do I start? Myself and my business partner Saloob AKA Shobz or Shobzilla, hold a great deal of our business meetings in the Tooting Beck cottage. We meet prospect bands for our management team back in india. Obviously the main attraction is that the meat is all halal, hold it, hold it, hold it, did you say halal? Yes I did. My personal favourite is the cottage wrap but Shobz likes the number 6 meal with a cup of tea, yessss. I cannot praise the staff enough, they're so polite and well spoken and are also on hand to help out in any way they can. Praise Allah, no no no, praise the cottage. Peace out..... Nad.


Was at the Odean so I thought I grab something. Saw the Chicken cottage, very neat and clean. They didn't have the usual stuff I get at the Ilfrod branch, I went for the cottage wrap it was nice but I prefer the grill wrap.


Chicken cottage is a good place. I went to the Ilford, they got real nice wraps and bbq flavour burger.


Absolutely superb cuisine. For me there is none finer than a family drum stick dinner with beans and coleslaw. I actually had my birthday at the Tooting branch last week- and they even came out of the kitchen with a Chicken Burger with candles on it. A nice touch. Would go there for every type of event - it's a good vibe. Happening.




You should try the mexican grilled Chicken at there tooting branch. It's the new Chicken revolution.


I have been going for years and the people are so friendly that they take my suggestions for new things i also get free loadsa free stuff.


At long long last, Colonel Sanders has some genuine competition.


Perfect!! yum yum. ;-)


Very friendly service. I heard the owner was thinking of opening a nandos which would be even better!

dan gregory

Chicken Cottage beats kfc anyday. Top notch. Get in there.


YOU ARE HUNGRY!!! But your partner nags you and tells you that you are on a diet. Well for all those weight watchers this is the perfect meal: -

1 Piece of Chicken
2 pieces of bread
Served with salad.

That's what you tell her. In fact it's Chicken Burger (made with real Chickening a bap - two pieces of bread!!!) Large fries (veg - well it is made of potato) and you get a drink to boot, the salad is in the Chicken burger but don't let on there is mayo, This restaurant is fantastic, you can pretend that you are eating 'real food' and in fact eat great tasting food. The best thing, if you sneak out of the George opposite and grab a sneaky bite, the guys in Chicken Cottage will cover for you and pretend never to have seen you all night

Out of ten: -

Service = 10
Quality of food = 10
Value for money = 10

And you partner thinks you eat healthy - that's worth at least another 10!

'I feel like Chicken tonight'