Chutney Joe

3 Crown Buildings, The Green, North Chingford, London, E4 7EX
020 8559 3102
Indian Restaurant & Takeaway
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3 reviews of Chutney Joe

Leigh Hill

I love going to Chutney Joe's. The food is lovely and the staff are so friendley and helpful. I have been going to this restaurant for about eight years now. One year they even gave my husband a birthday present as the staff knew us. The restaurant is well placed and there are loads of places to go for a drink after with local pubs and more bars at the other end of station road. The food is reasonably priced and does really fill you up.

Wayne Cole

Your restaurant's food was very delicious and your service was above high standards.Thank You for a wonderful day out!!!!!!!!

Michael Finbar

The name Chutney Joe is a refreshing change to the traditional Indian Restaurant names, it's location near the Bull and Crown and Kings Head pubs is a marriage of bliss for that Friday night out. This establishment does close early compared to other local establishments but that does mean that you don't get the 'drunk bunch' at kicking out time. This Indian is small but it does give that feeling of eating in your auntie's living room (all be it in gaudy pink designed by 'Designer Barbie and Kent'). The food here is great as well, on numerous occasions my friends have commented on my rather large portion, they are not scared of filling you up - which is a winner for me. The only criticism that I have is that they don't deliver their take aways, but they do give a 20% discount when you collect and a whopping 50% discount between 17:00 - 19:00 Sun - Thurs. Go Check it out!