El Gringos

5 Saville Street, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7LL
01653 691507
Mexican Restaurant
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10 reviews of El Gringos

Luke Allen

Best place ever!!!! Love you guys xoxox.


Went last Sunday and it ranks as one of the worst meals I've ever eaten in a restaurant. The chicken fajita, which was meant to come to the table sizzling was a dud. Served with hardly any onion or peppers and in a lukewarm, pale coloured sauce. Awful. The soft tortillas were lukewarm also, and the plates stone cold. Someone needs to learn how to make Mexican food, because this isn't it. I would never go there again. The staff were sullen and the service poor. Wake up and smell the coffee or join the ranks of the unemployed.


Have been many times on the train from Scarborough, and I have to say that this resturant serves lovely food. - When it finally arrives! we have been left waiting for around an hour before eating and it does get on your nerves, we have also been waiting for drinks for over 20 mins. I do have to say though, that appart from the slow service, I would go any day i could! I love this place, I always order the bbq ribs and steak! I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND El GRINGOS ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT ON A TIME LIMIT!


Went for a meal a couple of weeks back, the food was amazing and i've never being served by as many friendly people, overall this resturant is a definate must! ***** five stars


Been many times. Food is simply out of this world. My fave is the veg burrito yummy yummy in my tummy!! Has gone slightly down hill lately however due to higher prices and smaller portions but its still good and plentiful.

David Griffiths

Went with a party of 11 for the early bird session. I had the Red Snapper,it was fantastic! Nothing but praise for Atmoshere, Service and Value for Money. Definitely recommend.


Had the swordfish with potato wedges and veg lovely meal. Very busy during early birds session no complaints at all!

Helen Beever

We have visited this resturant several times and have found the food, staff and atmosphere to be fantastic!! The chilli is the best ever, Go if you get the chance!!!!!


Very generous portions. Tasty food. Good value especially if you go for the early bird special. Friendly staff. Great for a small party but renowned for not being able to cope with large parties, who are in my experience, always left waiting.

Alison Sharp

Went with a party of approx 20. A quarter of the dishes did not arrive, served a vegetarian with chicken! Appalling service,would not recommend.