El Rincon Spanish Tapas Restaurant

16 Highview Ho/Tattenham Cres, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5QJ
01737 373647
Spanish Restaurant
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7 reviews of El Rincon Spanish Tapas Restaurant


Went recently had a fantastic night. Staff really friendly, food excellent. Lovely ambience. Wine list comprehensive and great Cava which is apparently new to the menu! Lots of fresh seafood and fish paella to die for. We have eaten in many restaurants and never tasted paella like it - not even in Spain. Also worth trying the mink fish with crayfish mmmmm....

Becky Germaine

Have reviewed this place before and had good experience. However went back more recently and was very disappointed. Was my mother's birthday and our group was placed on a table right by the front door. So cramped there was not enough space for us to sit at table, and guests entering the restaurant to walk past so we kept having to get up to let people in!! Staff extremely slow and ignored our table in favour of a much bigger party. Waited ages to order, drinks took more than half an hour to arrive and then they were wrong. Half our tapas dishes arrived and half was missing. We asked where it was and were told it would be out in one minute. Waited about 10 minutes and complained again and the staff made a comment about us being greedy! In the end we started eating the tapas we had, and all of it was gone by the time the last 3 dishes turned up and there was no apology. Staff were sarcastic when we queried it! Tried to order desert. Waitress brought one person a chocolate cake but no cutlery to eat it with and then she disappeared to get the coats for another table and spent ages saying goodbye to them meaning everyone else was still waiting to order pudding. 15 minutes later she returned to do the desert orders for everyone else. The chocolate cake was more mousse like than cake, very disappointing. A complete contrast to the last time I was there and I probably wont be going back.

John and Brenda Simpson

Excellent food, and owners are so nice and make you feel special. Very good menu and wine list, in my opinion the restaurant comes very highly recommended.

Jan Crane

Fantastic food and atmosphere... can't wait to go back.

Roxanna Lea

Fantastic restaurant,good food, friendly atmosphere and staff *****

Becky Germaine

Always excellent food, friendly staff, try the paella for two, you'll never finish it! Slightly disapointing dessert menu, but always a treat to go there...

Mark Lyons

Excellent meal.