Fleur De Provence

52 Alexandra Street, Southend On Sea, Essex, SS1 1BJ
French Restaurant
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32 reviews of Fleur De Provence


I've returned to the Fleur De Provence several times and will continue to do so. I have thoroughly enjoyed the slow dining experience, with time to talk and digest between courses. Unlike places such as the Boatyard, where you are given an alloted time slot to order and eat by and hurried out for the next set of diners! At FDP your table is your own for the duration of the evening. The food has always been fantastic and the staff helpful without encroaching! A full evening out and highly recommended dining experience!


For about 12 years ago I started to go to the Fleur every Saturday night...its the best restaurent I have been to in all Britain... Marcel (the boss) he's a lovely personne who deserve all this costumers to be proud of him...he did change in all good ways...


Nice food. Shame about the appalling attitude of the proprieter. Before booking a table for a family meal, I asked one of the waiting staff if they would cater for a vegetarian who does not eat fish. I was assured this was possible and that the chef would be happy to cook anything that was wanted. We agreed to go ahead with the booking, and arrived at 8pm. After sitting down, the owner asked for the orders. When getting to the vegetarian he started complaining, saying that he should have been given advanced notice and that the chef would not be very happy! This made us feel uncomfortable, particularly when we had been assured this would not be the case. During the meal, he seemed to sense that all was not well and asked if everything was ok. We told him that we were not happy with the way that we had been spoken to, he then tried to make excuses and started on some rambling explanation for his rudeness. No apology was forthcoming. After this we got the 'go slow' treatment. We had to request a dessert menu after waiting an age. By this point, the word had got round amongst the staff and they started to be sarcastic because we had complained. The final straw was when we had to get up and go to the counter to ask for the bill. More rudeness ensued followed by a blazing row in the front of the entire restaurant. An awful experience. A huge disappointment.


Had a great meal with good wine and friendly service for a reasonable price. I enjoyed taking the time to eat my meal and talk to my wife. The service was quick, perhaps too quick for me as I am used to dining in France. Then you can't please all the people. Fantastic, will go back.


I recently visited Fleur De Provence on a special occasion and was greeting in the usual flamboyant way by the chef. We arrived at 7.30pm for 8 (I consider this fairly normal resturant times) to find the place empty. Around 9pm the place was almost full. My girlfriend rated it 10/10 - the best meal she'd ever had. Food was quick, well cooked & warm, tasted brilliant and most of all, fairly cheap for a resturant of its reputation - £55 for two meals, bottle of water and bottle of wine.


The WORST restaurant I have ever been to!!! had a table booked for 8pm, we were not seated in the dining area until gone 9pm, when asked why we had to wait for so long the waitress was very rude & condesending in telling us that they had to wait for a slot for our starter to be cooked! We sat down at 9pm and didn't recieve our starter till gone 9.30 by 10.30 we still had not received our main course at 11pm enough was enough and we paid for what we had drunk and eaten and walked out vowing never to there again!


What a great restaurant. one of the best if not the best in Southend. Staff are really nice and food was fab. Worth a visit for sure.


I have to report a rather different experience to most of the positive reviews below. I was staying in Southend recently on business and having read the reviews here decided to give the Fleur a go. I rang to ensure they have availability and was greeted with a cheery "bonjour" by the lady answered the phone, all good so far. I didn't make a booking but decided to pop along later. On arrival the menu outside impressed me so I went in, which is where things went badly wrong... As I entered I must confess I was a bit hesitant as the restaurant appeared empty and the idea of dining on my own in an empty room did not appeal. The person who I assume was the chef/proprietor greeted me with the phrase "talk to me", odd I thought but I put it down to 'character' rather than rudeness. I asked if they had a table for one and if I could have a look around the restaurant. I was told they did and that I could, so I popped my head into the main dining room. There was one couple in there who appeared to be finishing their meal. Still uncertain I returned to the reception desk planning to ask if they had any other bookings for that evening, but before I could say another word the same gentleman told me "that's it I'm not cooking any more this evening", in an obviously rude and abrupt tone of voice. I turned to leave and commented "how outrageous, are you trying to run a restaurant here ?" to which the reply was "come on, get out". He came round from the counter and ushered me to the door. I was effectively thrown out! I really could not believe it and told him I would never return. I may not have been as smartly dressed as they would have liked (although this was not commented on, and I was not wearing blue jeans, and did have a buttoned shirt on), but I cannot understand this person's reaction. I too eat in a great many restaurants and have been lucky enough to dine at 2 of England's 3 three Michelin starred restaurants, and I have never been treated so badly in my life. I quite understand we all have bad days, but I can see no excuse for such rudeness. A simple "I'm sorry sir we are closing for the evening" would have sufficed. If the gentleman in question would like to apologise I would consider retracting my comments.

Nicola King

We have been regulars at the fluer for nearly a year now. The food, atmosphere and staff is always first class. I visted the Ivy this week and felt disapointed as it wasnt anywhere near as good as the little old Fleur !!!!

Ian McIntyre

The best restaurant in Southend. Had to chuckle at Amber's comments (tells you more about Amber than the restaurant) Been visiting there for over 10 years, consistently great food. Don't have an Aston Martin buthave a good appetite and would recommend it to anyone who likes France and or good food. Christmas Eve is usually especially good. Service excellent very attentive and the welcome is always outstanding.If you don't try it you are missing out.


7/10 - Great food - but portions huge - Had Tuna starter and scallopes main - both succulent and perfectly accompanied with veg.But starter would have been accepted by me as a main! No room for desert although partner had the famous chocolate cup which is moouse in a chocolate cup that you can eat as well. Nice touch! Dont like ordering food at the waiting to be seated area though. Prefer to be at the table etc. House wine great. General service good. May go again if they decide to change the music (a collection of jimi hendrix and then some classical spaninsh music?? Also the interior left a lot to be desired!) They have wide competition (See Paris on London Road a13) This has better seating and wider chioce of food) so they need to have "how was your experience?" cards or some thing along that line in order to change. They will always be busy though as there are not alot of resturants along that strip.


After infrequent but repeated visits, we have found the Fleur de Provence to be almost up there with the very best. There are some negatives: the atmosphere can seem a bit frosty, there is a hint of a "two tier" service with some regular diners and there is no regional identity in the cuisine. The food has been very reliable, very good, and very artistic. The wine list is reliable too, but this is restaurant cuisine and we prefer a more rustic approach. We shall go again, but infrequently.

Steve Robinson

I've been to lunch at Fleur de Provence twice in the last 3 weeks and both times the food's been exceptional . I'm sure there's some substance to some of the negative reviews but having been lucky enough to eat at the very best restaurants in London and New York over the last 18 years I haven't yet been able to fault this restaurant . My brother was over from Moscow recently and , again , he's lucky enough to go to some incredible restaurants in Russia and Europe , and he too rates Fleur de Provence as superb . It is pricey .. but you have the choice of a cheaper menu as well as the A La Carte . This is a real treat and a massive asset to Southend-on-Sea . Keep up the good work .


Went there recently with my wife, excellent service and superb food.


Visited on a Friday night - never again, what a total waste of money! My favourite restaurants are The Wolsey/J Sheeky/Claridges, yes FDP is in Southend but seems to think it can charge the same as these great places then serve up mediocre bland food. The place has zero atmosphere and I particularly disliked the way you were encouraged to have a drink at the overpriced bar (£8 for a glass of cheap Champagne) I booked a table for 8pm and we were eventually allowed to sit down at 9 after asking the stroppy French waitress if we could eat now! I found the clientele rather pretentious too (people talking unnecessarily loudly about their Aston Martin's etc! blah blah) When I complained that my starter (tuna ceviche) tasted rather strange, the waitress took it out back and brought it back saying it was fine and that she would eat it!!!! Well sorry I didn't want to eat fish that tasted of ammonia! The offending item was then left on the table for another 20 minutes! To top things off I was charged the £10.50 on the bill. My dining partner has the scallops to start but were bland and boring and SMALL! For main I had lamb which was to overcooked for my liking (I was not asked how I would like it served) the sauce that it came with was far too salty, my partner opted for the Sea Bass and was served up one of the smallest fillets I've ever seen - Yes I know it's supposed to be about quality and not quantity but at FDP you get neither!! Avoid at all costs! at £130 for 2 you can eat at some of the finest restaurants around, please do not waste your money here.


I went there in july and it was fantastic. The food was perfect and the service exellent. Go there! You WILL NOT BE disappointed...


My dad pete loves it and he is taking me there for my birthday. The winelist is superb.

Natasha Mackinnon

I was introduced to this lovely restaurant by my boyfriends father Mr Leigh. The food is amazing and there is a lovely atmosphere and of course great staff. Highly recommended for a wonderful meal out.

Edwina & Geoff

Eaten at the Fleur on numerous occasions. Food is always superb, Marcel is a perfectionist and deserves his Michelin recognition. Service can be a bit erratic but the food is ALWAYS worth the wait.


I have been to this wonderful restaurant on numerous ocassions and each time has been fantastic, it was nice to not be rushed through and meal, or do you people prefer macdonalds. If you want good quality food then be prepared to wait and pay a little more.


Just go to this excellent restaurant,it is far better than a conran, or oxo tower etc. Bon apetite.

Bill Cook

I thought the food was beautiful, and the hostess and her wide intelligent understanding of the wine list was stupendous.


Went there for my birthday last year and am going for my boyfriends birthday tonight - the service was 2nd to none, the wait between courses was perfect - humans dont digest food quickly and with such lovely cuisine and gorgeous wine, who would want to rush anything!


Went last Saturday. Had to wait for the table but it was well worth it. Excellent service and the food was fantastic. The wait between courses was quite long but then that is how a French restaurant is (and should be).


Excellent food, although pricey, allow at least £50 per head, even if drinking house wine. The place is only let down by the length of time between main course and dessert. Have been there twice in recent months and each time we had to wait close to 1 1/2 hours before dessert was served....won't be going again until they speed things up!


My job allow me to travel and eat everywhere in the world, I rate F.D.P as one the best restaurant ever. Support it.


Haute cuisine is like Haute couture you pay for the exclusivity of it. Well done F.D.P


Do not know what restaurant the others are talking about! Go there regularly - best food I have found in the area - always very good indeed - service is "relaxed" not slow very pleasant atmosphere.


I went there for valentines night the food was ok but the service and wait was dire and pricey.


Only went there once wouldn't go there again!


Ignore the other review. Great French cuisine. Excellent service and atmosphere. A little more expensive than other restaurants, but well worth paying extra for.


Mediocre french food, high end price for southend (essex). Lengthy wait for food to arrive. There are better in the area.