Faversham Kebab House

64 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8PG
01795 531663
Kebab Restaurant & Takeaway
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9 reviews of Faversham Kebab House

Cara & Jilly

Gorgeous Kebab. :)

Dave Lorde

I've been using both take-away and restaurant since it opened, and it's always been great - friendly & generous with great food and a wicked Turkish wine called Busbag.


OMG these kebabs are like the best kebabs in kent, chili sauce is the best, I would consider going there every day of the week, but I would be over 50 stone in weight and it would be glorious!!!!!

Dave Cooper

Wicked Food!! Top stuff.

Wes Gore

This place is the best Kebab place in Kent. I have been all over, Sittingbourne, Canterbury, Whitstable etc. This place kicks them all into touch!!

Mr Dagriot

The choice is beautiful. You must try it now. George is a very kind person. The food is brilliant..

Robin Sayewell

Totally agree with Mr Harris below, I also have been using the take-away since the opening in 1983 followed by the restaurant a little later. George is unique and his staff add to the entertainment. You are always treated as VIP's here.

Mr Harris

I feel that the below comment is a one off. Faversham Kebab House has been open and served us for over 20 years. I have been their since its opening and must say that the food has been more than great on every occasion. It is a very clean establishment with friendly staff. George has been the owner of the establishment and must add he is a true and honest gentleman.

Mrs Hoyles

Had 2 large Chicken kebabs last night and the Chicken was still pink, and very fatty, usually they are superb. Whats going on.