Fort Raj Balti Restaurant

74 Victoria Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7PZ
01293 822906
Indian Restaurant & Takeaway
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4 reviews of Fort Raj Balti Restaurant

Hrundi V. Bakshi

I feel urged to agree. Absolute utter dogs!

Neil Biggers

Is the absolute dogs, especially after a fews beers down the local tarvern. Staff are v.friendly and take a ribbing or two very well, without it would seems - adding anything nasty to the food. Excellent evening out !!

Donnie Jenas

This restaurant was fantastic, they catered for me and my party, and we had a wonderful night especially when I proposed to my wife, A night I will never forget, and the food was out of this world.

Russ Michaels

I am very picky when it comes to Indian Restaurants, but I was very impressed with Fort Raj on my first visit. They do some very unique dishes make with herbs, wine, tomato, lemon flavours. The one I tried had a very distinct lemon and was very different to any other indian dishes I have had, but it was very tasty indeed. I will be going back to try some of the other dishes. The bombay potatoe was good too.