1789 French Restaurant

9a Fairfield Road, London, E3 2QA
French Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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7 reviews of 1789 French Restaurant

Jon Purnell

I've been here before,at the 1789 Restaurant, and you really ought to pay the place a visit, as it seems to have changed dramatically in the last year or so, and all for the better. All we need now is for a degree of positive consistency, and I will go back once again. Keep it up 1789.

Eamon, Forest Gate

A rather classy affair. A very small, intimate and romantic restaurant, situated slightly off the beaten track, a hidden gem in the heart of Bow, East London. Well worth a visit. The food is superb, with an ever-changing specials blackboard. Try it.

Laura Brain


I have lived on Fairfield Road for over 2 years and never visited this fantastic place until last Friday night. I should not have left it so long.

A group of 6 of us went and had a brilliant time. The food was very good and the service quick and friendly but the best part for us was the amazing array of toys, puppets and fairy lights. The ostrich and cow were our favourite mechanical toys but the whole experience was superb.

Keep an open mind and have fun!

Sean Moloney

Full marks for this excellent restaurant, which is small in size, but big on ambience, value and choice. If you book more than a week in advance, the price is £13.95 for any starter plus main course, at all other times different prices apply. It has got only nine tables, so it is adviseable to book ahead. It is situated just off the Bow Road, in a quiet residential road, so, go on, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.


Having gone to the restaurant mid-week I was surprised to find the restaurant empty (It did rain heavily that evening though.). Despite that the food was delicious; the wine was tasty. The service was fast and very friendly. I will return for a second helping!

Jon Purnell

French???? If you can call cheap, Safeway, undrinkable beer at £2.50 a mini bottle and swordfish so tough it nealy broke my dentures. The waiter did crack one or two semi funny jokes but I tittered more in sympathy than in genine amusement.


I was quite disappointed by this restaurant. The wine is not French and it is not a good wine, neither is the bread and the butter which was brought at the start of the meal is margarine!!! The service is rather slow however friendly.