Golden Skewer Kebabs

51 Micklegate, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 4EA
01757 701643
Kebab Takeaway
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6 reviews of Golden Skewer Kebabs

Mr Mark A.

How nice are these kebabs? i travel 40 miles to sample the taste..well worth a trip...garlic bread is a must.. nice clean and friendly service..portions a little small though...never can get enough of the good stuff!!!!!!!

Andy and Clare Mcmichan

They're ace. Us two live off them ... You just can't beat em. God bless you. Golden Skewer we love you. x


The skewer is the best place to get a pizza from! They are really nice and big too. Golden Skewer 9.5/10.


Golden skewer the only place to get takeaway from in Selby. The kebabs are the best iv tasted. Fast and friendly service. Also the place to go after a nite in Jems.

Rob Heath

ere u canny beat a good skewer kebab after a night on the piss in jems, if u can still walk n chew. Jems, the place to be!!!

July 2002

Freindly service.......wicked kebabs.......fantastic golden skewer special ( kebab meat pizza . Come to Selby and have a fight and a kebab!!! No seriously their good!