Grandma Thai Restaurant

317-319 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1BU
01634 849495
Thai Restaurant
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37 reviews of Grandma Thai Restaurant


The unfortunate thing with these sites is that anyone can post a review - I have the distinct impression that most of the people writing stuff on here have no clue about real Thai food. I lived in Thailand for several years and one thing I can clearly state: This restaurant is NOT serving genuine, authentic or particularly good food. Yes it is just about edible, yes there are piles of it (like an indian - which seems to suit the locals), BUT, the meat is boiled (ugh!) the dishes are greasy and often literally dripping with oil (you will NEVER see this in a genuine Thai place), half the dishes bear no resemblance to anything genuine, and the flavours are bland. It is as if whoever is employed in the kitchen is Chinese or Indian and is doing his own 'interpretation' of what he thinks thai food is. If you want to trai the real thing go to Baan Tha in yalding or for the full-on experience try Thai square in London. This one is definately NOT recommended - the only other reviewer to get it right on here was Alison.


Went to grandma thai for the first time last week, absolutely fantastic food we enjoyed it soo much were going back again this week! staff friendly and duck red curry a must to try.


Fantastic service and the staff are not to in your face while your seated, but just enough to for a great service. The lay-out is very intimate and the dark setting I think is great as thats what makes it its own brand and style plus that setting makes it to have a romantic edge to it, so its great for dinning and has a touch of class with the nice decor to it as well!! And the food for what you pay is really well presented and a great thai menu and great blend of flavours with the althentic dishes!! Great value for money for sure!! Recommended.


Spent 2 months all over Thailand, food at Grandma Thai's is as good as any I have had in Bangkok or elsewhere. Staff are attentive and friendly, nice atmosphere and now its all non smoking, we can eat in the main restaurant rather than just Limehouse. I travel from South East london every few months just to have dinner here. 10/10


Fantastic place. Have travelled many times and this place brings it all back to me. I am a regular now and have eaten my way through the entire menu, which can't be faulted. Service is excellent, although sometimes fast. If that is the only down side though!, you can't go wrong for a fantastic night out.

George Clark

Great food,great service going tonight, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!


I have been to Grandmar Thai and the Limehouse next door loads of times and it has always been fab. You can't go wrong there, the service is fast but there isn't a problem if you then just sit and chat.


Great food, great restaurant.


mmmmmmmmmmmm! Absolutly gorgeous food and good customer service.


Have any of you actually been to thailand? The food is ok but nothing special and not very authentic. It may be presented nicely but the meat tastes bolied rather than fried and is actually more like a chinese than a Thai. They rush you too as soon as you order the starter it is there in front of you - does that not make you suspicious? They clear the plates then your main course is there in front of you!

Vanessa Gilley

I love Grandma Thai and I eat everything on the menu, bit of a bloater aint i?!!!

Bill Esterson

Favourite dish - Kang Mussaman - stewed beef curry - awesome food, great service including home delivery and always busy. They have a great lunch time menu and also hire their upstairs room for meetings and seminars. We use them for training courses and our delegates love the lunches as well as the training!


Quite simply the best Thai restaurant in the south. Even the delivery service is great.

Damien Burton

I have been going to this restaurant since 1999 & has been one of my haunts ever since. This is my own 'special thai haunt', i never go anywhere else for thai food as i have tried many other places. I would reccommend this with any hesitation!


Excellent restaurant. Travel 2 hrs to go the and look foward eveytime. Favourites are the warm beef sald and Pla Plaad Plick. Service very friendly and atmosphere is good too. Bit of a shame that i can visit only once every couple of months.


I love grandma Thai. I have indeed just this very minute ordered Grandma Platter followed greedily by green chicken curry and coconut rice. Fantastic food and I haven't been paid to say this.....yet.

Alex Carter

This is the best thai around for couples parties and for take aways the service is amazing the prices are great it is always a real pleasure.


Abslutely best restaurant ever. I live just up the road from Grandma Thai and I am ordering a takeaway at the moment... The service IS a little quick and often stand by quite close to take you plate away and present the next, but the food is superb and although quite expensive it is worth every penny and you can't really complain. The takeaway service is also extremely quick. I recommend weeping tiger, Ped Ma Kam (duck in tamarind sauce) and Makam Talay (seafood in tamarind sauce), which is really decent fresh seafood, huuuuge mussels and prawns, similar to the kind you get in the med.


I Love this restaurant, the food is gorgeous and I dream often of the spicy aubergine! Sometimes the service is a litte quick, but then the food is so good your glad to get your hands on it!!


I have to agree with the other comments, this is the best restaurant i have ever been to for any type of food, the staff are superb and the food is amazing, and all at a reasonable price. Limehouse is non smoking.

livi :)

great restaurant....getting a takeway at the moment!! Wish there was menu on the internet though!


This is the best Thai I have ever had! Its worth the 2 hour drive from where I live to eat there! I can't wait to take my friends next month. Fave dish has to be the spicy aubergine. Yum!

Gary Harper

Grandma Thai's is incrreddible!


Absolutely love this restaurant. We eat there nearly every week. The staff are fabulous and the food is equal to if not better than in Thailand! They are also willing to prepare any dishes not on their menu. Veggie food is great and my husband recommends the beef massaman.


Eaten there once and had takeaways a few times. Consistently fantastic food and the staff are really friendly and helpful. Good for vegetarians - the staff will offer to make a lot of the meat dishes with tofu as a substitute. I disagree that it's too dark - the lighting is just right for a relaxed atmosphere.


Fantastic thai food.. . Been eating at grandma thai for years. Excellent service! My hongkongnese boyfriend loves lime house's pad-thai and chicken-satay.. .

Mike Collis

I have been to Grandma Thai and Limehouse Thai restaurant a bunch of times now and it is awesome. I always take relatives and friends when they come to visit me in Rochester. I have just returned from a trip to Thailand and really miss Padthai, so i am booking a table for tomorrow night.

Wayne Winterbottom

The best restaurant ever, been back again and now they do take aways!!!!! Food is georgeous and extremely tasty.


Top stuff u wont find better.

Niki Patel

I've been to Grandma Tha is about 10 time's and i live in Wembley.I've been to most of the top thai restaurants in London and have to say i prefer grandma thai's. I recomend Warm Beef salad and kow Plaad Prid (fish dish). The prices are also very resonable.


Really beautiful food, i went with my family for a birthday occasion and 5 of us had the £12.50 per person set menu. I particularly loved the Thai red duck curry and the beef. - nice mango juice too!!!


Fantastic food. I have been there 5 or 6 times and I recomend it to anyone the staff are very friendly and the food prices are not bad.


A small intimate friendly fantastic restaurant! You must try spicy aubergines. *****


Best Restaurant in Medway towns!! On a par with London eateries but half the price.

Helen Sefton

Brilliant food, brilliant atmosphere. Staff very friendly!!!


Fantastic Food, can't get enough of it. Try the weeping tiger. mmmmmmmm


Great food on a par with several london restaurants that I have been too, only criticism is that it can be quite dark inside and tables of parties would be better suited to being away from couples.