Hot Wok

8 Clayport Street, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1JU
01665 605423
Chinese Takeaway
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6 reviews of Hot Wok

Nikita Carroll

This food is soo nice. You are the best Chinese takeaway I been to in my space of 14 years. Thank you for your food, but the cost of it is bad. Put your cost down.


Bit of a late review but I understand in the summer that shops can be busy and Hot Wok was one of them! They were packed! But somehow they managed to deliver the goods in impeccable timing while being put under so much pressure by other customers. The food was fantastic and now Hot Wok is my only choice for Chinese take-away. Definitely recommended!


Usually in America you don't get your money's worth when it comes to take-out. I was in Alnwick for a while and this restaurant had very nice service and great food.


Went to Alnwick for a week, was never out the place! Best food in Alnwick by far,great service! Excellent 5*****

Dade Murphy

I think the food there is superb, the service is respectable and i must say the staff have excellent manners. You really do get top-notch quality food for your money. All i have to say is they should consider doing deliveries but it's worth the odd drive. Best Chinese take-away i have ever been to. ;)

August 2002

For a small town take-away the food is of very good quality. Service is prompt and with a smile. Value for money is excellent. The only downside is that they do not deliver, other than that they get **** from me. :-)