Jai Krishna

161 Stroud Green Road, London, N4 3PZ
020 7272 1680
Vegetarian Restaurant
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3 reviews of Jai Krishna


This is a fantastic, family run restaurant that has survived for donkeys... My girlfriend has been going here for years, family run, very friendly and amazing veggie food, (I love steak, too!!) my advice - go away and find your own place - leave us alone!!

Pamela Willsher

Very nice restaurant and good value. I an not a great fan of indian food but I went to this restaurant more than once and really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Good and pleasant service. I recommend it.

A. St Catherine

The look of this place could well mean that you could walk by and not notice it, but if food is what you desire then for quality and taste it is superb. Try it, vegetarian or not it is worth a try.