Kebab Land

4 Columbus Ravine, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 7JR
01723 371769
Kebab Takeaway
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4 reviews of Kebab Land


Tasty kebabs and brilliant service. Nearest eatery to the North bay that offers fab price.

Robert Strachan

Very clean and well run take-away. Try the medium kebab with chilli sauce. I usually take my dog & tie him up outside whilst I pick it up. He's choosey but he would love to try their wares & tried to get in everytime!

Denis Copeland

None of the cheap shite you get in city centres at 3 am. No carrots here. Just quality crisp salad (choice leaves), a selection of plain and garlic yoghurt, lazy lemon to squirt on top, as many chillis as you can take, and of course, lucious lamb, perfect pitta,s and choice chilli sauce. Forget chips and lemon top 99's, when you visit the seaside this is the only place to eat.

If you time it right on Friday night, you might even get to see Mr "Loadsa grass" purchasing his kebab at closing time.