Planet Pizza

135 The Broadway, Tolworth, Surrey, KT6 7DJ
Pizza Takeaway
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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7 reviews of Planet Pizza


I really liked the duck flavour pizza you do, it is amazing. Thanks, and your staff are really helpful.

sam tullett

This is the first time i have got a pizza from you lot i think the price is cheaper than any other pizza place and the food i good.


Me and My friends use Planet Pizza at least 3 times a week. The Mighty Meaty with extra cheese is the perfect pizza. And any pizza any size for 7.50... bargain!


I frequently use these guys - they might not always deliver the food hot but that is why I have an oven. They do good deals and are a darn site cheaper than Pizza Hut and Dominos... and they do lovely breaded mozarella sticks!


Me and my brother moth use this its fantastic.


The last two times I have used this takeaway, the service has been quite bad. Both times we asked for the free ice cream and didn't get it. Last time a number of items we tried to order were unavailable. I asked if we could have a jacket potato with something instead of chips. They said yes, but we still got chips. They also left one of the toppings off my free choice pizza. This time the batter was still runny on our whole tail scampi and the chips were cold. They also didn't deliver the onion rings that I ordered. We're not going to use them again!


Good selection of food/pizza. Quite a few different veggie pizzas. Lots of special deals. Prices reasonable. They estimated 30 to 45 minutes for delivery and they came after about 40 minutes. The food was warm, but not hot though it was a cold evening and the pizza place isn't *that* close, so we didn't judge them too harshly for this. We had a pizza plus some free chicken wings and a variety of side dishes. The potato skins are half of a medium to small potato size, which can be filled with cheese and are very nice. The thin crust pizza I had was excellent. Very tasty. Also had Garlic bread with cheese, which was a bit on the dry side and some onion rings, which were just bog standard frozen ones, but nice all the same. Nice tuna and cheese salad. Chicken wings had a barbecue coating, but were not warm enough to be enjoyable by the time my partner got round to them. My partner also had an piece of cake that was good too. Overall though a good pizza place.