Kebab World

67 Old Church Road, Chingford, London, E4 6ST
Kebab Takeaway
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27 reviews of Kebab World


Great food, and great staff. Will definitely be returning soon!


The adanas to die for. Try it you wont be disappointed. Oh and good friendly service and very clean shop.


Hot food, reasonable prices. Friendly staff and very very clean premises. 5 stars!


These Kebabs Are As Good As It Gets, Once Eaten U Will Have No Regrets! The Salad Divine A Free Bottle Of Wine and the pitta bread never soggy and wet!

joe le'taxi

Wowsers I wondered if I'd dreamt I had this kebab but after a second visit I realised this is heaven on earth.

Edward Rodllington

This is the best kebab in the land I am a travelling salesman and have eaten kebabs all over the country. Nothing can compete with this delightfull shop. The meat is succulent and juicy, the salad is fresh and crisp and the chilli sauce is to die for. If I'm feeling very hungry they will even give you £1 worth of extra meat which still bring in a XXXL doner at under £6.00.


The meat is such a treat. Succulent from start to the horrible moment when it runs out. The salad is like a crisp spring morning, never dissapoints. Always giving much, like the fiery sauce which compliments it all lovingly.


Oh Yes, The Best Kebabs Around........

Lorna Putt

Love my friday night takeaway from this place, still the tastiest i've had.


I have been Going here for years Al. does the best Kebab's around.


The best kebab shop in London I love the chicken kebeb and the staff are the top people thank for been there from the Italian.


I know a good kebab and this was an amazing kebab, chilli sause was great, pitta was nicely done, the meat was soooo good, no fat atall. Service great too, friendly staff, shop looked very clean, if you like a good kebab try this place!!! Keep up the great food.

joe and mart!!

This is the best place on the planet especally afer a saturday night dogs 10/10

Amy Fuller

If you have been eating your kebabs anywhere other than this place, well what can i say. Try it and i can promise you won't buy them anywhere else again. 10/10 for quality, quantity, value for money and a very good sevice too.

Adam Francis

Gotta be the best kebabs around. Oh yes.


Nice, Nice, Nice, Nice - Its always a pleasure! Never half a measure! The boss always gives me extra Jalepeno's. Try it and see!!!

Tariq Hernot

Whhoooa what a kebab if you taste better let me know because this is phat. For only what £3 you get a pitta bread filled with the best tasting lamb doner around and addtionally you can recieve lashings of ripe crisp salad making your taste buds tingle with glee i often use this kebab house and so far i have never had a single problem p.s i need to know the recipe for that chilli sauce it is amazing and powerful keep up the good work guys mmmm mmmmm yummy!!!!! Safe.

Christopher Nult

I was simply astounded at the quality of the meal the meat was tender and not so greasy the salad was crispy and delicate it was simply a unforgetable experience that i wish to endevour more often the chips were even the best in town this is without a doubt the best kebab i have ever purchased and consumed.

Michelle Godley

The best. So nice that i often have my party orders from them. My guests all say the same. Always fresh and tasty and piping hot too.

Krish Ramsahye

The kebabs at Kebab world give new meaning to the word kebab, the meat is succulent and juicy and lean, the salad is fresh and springy, And the value is the best Ive ever experienced in my kebab eating days, even the naan bread manages to keep the foundation of the kebab together whilst feasting upon one, the price is unbeleivebly cheap, i would happily pay another fiver for the Kebab World kebab experience. Laterzzz


Best kebabs in town - 2 kebab and chips - £10 approx - bad boy service, english speaking staff - quick delivery - food was actually good and not a sloppy mess. 10/10 ***** 5 star.

ps. HUGE portions = value 4 money


If you havn't tried there kebabs, give them a go, you won't go anywhere else for them, promise. Lots of flavour, very fresh, very clean, friendly staff, an all round good atmosphere.


Kebab World is definantly one of the best kebab shops around, the food is delicious, the staff are friendly and the i have to mention the chillisauce, its mindblowing, keep it up boys.


The best kebabs in town without a doubt. Very clean. Very friendly.5 stars from me.


Love the food lads cant get better anywhere else keep producing the stuff.
Everyone check it out its the best.


The best kebabs in town without a doubt. Very clean. Very friendly.5 stars from me.

July 2002

Been an expert in Kebabs I know a good kebab when I taste one and the Kebabs from Kebab World are amongst the best. There is plenty of meat and the salad is always fresh, a big thumbs up from me. PS - check out their chillisauce!