La Cantina

2-3a Bedford Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2BY
Mexican Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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7 reviews of La Cantina


Me and my boyfriend went here and it was not good. The prices were high and the portions were small, really badly cooked and a bit tasteless! We thought it would be good because of the prices but we ended up paying a lot of money for a disappointing evening.

Julie Richards

I've been to this restaurant a couple of times and have always had an excellent night out - great, tasty food, lovely cocktails and a really good atmosphere. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for good food and a good night out with their friends!

Ian Hanreck

This place would be great for a birthday party or similar celebration. Good cocktails, great big portions (try the nachos - yum) and the staff helped create a party atmosphere. I'll be back!

Emily Wareham

I went there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! The cocktails are excellent!!

Joe Lukas

Great restaurant, wonderful atmosphere, great for large parties. Food was fantastic service was splendid.

Yasmin Rodriguez

My husband and I visitied this restaurant just after it opened and although the decor was very nice and the staff were polite, we were disappointed with the food. The portion sizes were good but the actual taste left something to be desired. I should point out at this stage that my husband is Mexican but he chose a dish that the whole of mexico is famed for and it did not taste remotely like it should, however, I dont think a brit would be as discerning and I enjoyed the experience!

Jason Marcus

Don't be fooled into thinking high prices mean high quality food. Small portions, poorly cooked and presented. Overall feeling of being ripped off.