Las Fuentes

36-40 High Street, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2AA
020 8763 1983
Spanish Restaurant
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12 reviews of Las Fuentes

Henry T

Spot on. I have eaten tapas all over the world. Great atmosphere - they should open more branches. I guess that would change things because this feels like a one off and it is. I sometimes wonder about the negative reviews. I imagine they have been written by a cross between Mr Bean/Basil Fawlty/Richard Wilson - think they should stick to vespa curries. Pity it's in Purley!

Derek Weeden

Went last summer 2010 and gorged myself on a variety of dishes all of which were full of flavor and plentyfull. Was very busy, but that just added to the atmosphere. Had a great night with my girlfriend and have booked a table there for valantines day. A must just for the experience.........


This restaurant is always packed, and that speaks for itself. Las Fuentes is a Purley institution. The food is authentic and the wine is excellent, especially for the price. We eat here around twice a month and you need to arrive early at weekends to get a table. The meat skewers and specials are always excellent quality.

Kathy Mowl

Las Fuentes has gone from strength to strength since it changed hands. The staff are much more professional and extremely attentive and polite. The food is authentic - a real taste of Spain - and delicious. The problem is what to choose - it's all wonderful. How lucky am I? I live in Purley!

Christy J

Brilliant restaurant outside of London with great staff, brilliant atmosphere and excellent food . A great place to go for dinner with freinds as the service is the best we have had. Great value and would highly recommend.

Martin Skinner

Revisited Las Fuentes after a long while and happy to say that the food is still very good and the staff were excellent ( depite a couple of strange reviews lately) £82 for loads of hot Tapas for 4 inc. tips/desert and 2 bottles of wine can't be bad. Think Nicki may have gone to a different venue.

Sue MacAskill

Gone down hill, lack of management compared to when Gio ran the restuarant. Food not as good as quality as in the past. Need to improve things before they lose customers.

Jaroslav Petruska

I think is the best restaurant in Surrey. All stuff is very friendly and food is fantastick. They do the best peper steak ever!


I'm not sure I recognise the restaurant from the reviews here. It's obviously changed - and not for the better. The food is average and over-priced, and would have been enjoyed more if it hadn't been for the simply poor service. Waiting 10 minutes after you've sat down to simply be able to order drinks is not acceptable. Nor is not serving all courses at the same time. Nor when the lights go out, due to a partial power cut (not their fault, presumably) is providing 1 tealight for a table of eight - after 15 minutes. We didn't bother with pudding and coffee. In my opinion the restaurant is trading off a reputation that isn't deserved.

Jade Weldon

Fantastic restaurant, was a bit loud towards the end of the evening but the food and staff were fanstastic we're going again soon. Would definately recommend. The lamb is a treat and the wine list is great too. After coming home from Spain we wanted a fantastic restaurant to remind us of our holiday and we really found one!

Martin Skinner

Splendid atmosphere and brilliant food and not expensive. Can get very busy. You can see why.

Jane Crook

A truly authentic tapas bar & restaurant and it would be hard to find anywhere to beat it in the UK, It's like stepping out of the High Street straight into Spain. Food delicious - vareid and with regular favourites to satisfy the tastebuds - do NOT leave without sampling a succulent lamb cutlet. Wines good and staff and owner are magic an example of 'live to eat as against eat to live'. Suerte!