Loch Fyne

2-4 Catherine Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5JY
020 7240 4999
Seafood Restaurant
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2 reviews of Loch Fyne

Clare Lawrence

This restaurant was fantastic. The below experience musn't put you off this superb eatery. The fish was great, there are detailed descriptions of just where it came from in Scotland. The waitress was attentive and efficient. The atmosphere was lively. Very impressed, would eat there daily if I could.


We went to this restaurant last Saturday (8/11/03) and were told at 6.15 pm that we could have a table within 10-15 mins and were invited to order a bottle of wine at the bar. After 30 mins (6.45 pm) and half a bottle of wine there was no sign of our table. We were told that we could have one of the spare tables but we would have to be out by 8pm - this was not realy an option. We were told that the next table would be available at 7.30 pm - 1.25 hours after we first went in. Therefore we offered to leave 10 pounds for the half bottle of wine which we had drunk. After a lengthy dicussion with a VERY RUDE AND INCOMPETENT manager (which I think put off other customers from coming in) we left. The upside of it was that we did not pay for the wine at all! I certainly will not be going back as the staff were so rude. It was a shame as the food did look good!