L Manzes

76 High Street, London, E17 7LD
020 8520 2855
British Restaurant
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7 reviews of L Manzes

Daniel Brack

Manzes on Walthamstow market is tops. No other pie n mash shop can come close. From the traditional atmosphere from the smells, to the big old fashioned till that's behind the desk, other shops just don't feel the same. Maybe going there for as long as I can remember has made me bias and going to any other shop would feel odd anyway but! I do have a palate and their pies seem to have the edge on their competitors. I have been to most traditional pie n mash shops in London and even to David Bekhams favorite in Waltham Abbey and I can still say that if you want 'proper' London pie n mash then it's the only place to go.

Roy Daltrey

Worked on the stalls in Walthamstow market as a boy, had Manzes Pie & mash most Saturdays. If I couldn't afford Pie had a bowl of mash & liquer with chilli vinegar.

Robert Randall

My Mum used to take us to Manzes E17 High Street back in the 40s and 50s. Brother and I preferred the pies to the eels. There was usually a stall outside the shop selling live eels- which the stallholder chopped up in front of the shopper-fascinating for us kids to see the chopped up parts moving about on the stall's metal work top. We loved the taste of it all-as all Manzes fans do of course. Out of this world. Mum and Dad used to cook eels and mash sometimes of a late evening-that was pretty good. I still visit Manzes E17 now and again-quite choked this Xmas when I arrived at the shop to find that they had run out of mash. For quite a time now I had preferred the eels to the pies- but still also live the pies. Amazing the number of people who turn up their noses at eels-even fish eater. I suppose it is because the eels are like snakes -but when you think of other sea stuff that people eat- like squid, octopus and oysters -yuk! Long live Manzes and it is fab that they make it just like from the old days.

Tom Marshall

There are several pubs claiming to serve "Manzes" but they have not the wonderful flavours of the 30's and 40's. No matter who claims what, they are nowhere near as good.

Brian Rudge

Whilst I would never class Manzes as a "restaurant" It's the one place that I really miss living now in New Zealand, I try to go home to England every 2 years, and without fail the first place I go to is Manzes, the market is fantastic, ( the longest street market in Europe ) but I always go to Manzes first, just walking in the place is magic, same old wooden benches and marble top tables, asking for double pie & mash and green liquor, then walking back up the market to have a few pints in the Chequers pub, God I feel homesick again.

Danny Mount

Manzes.......I ate my lunch there every day while going to school....One and six..pie and mash with liquor...and they also had fruit pies.... the one I used to frequent was in Chapel market Islington in the 50's this place was over a hundred years old. This shrine ranks up there with St Pauls, I have traveled all over the world..and I have always tried to find something close no avail, If this Cockney culinary tradition...along with Jellied eels, dies..GOD HELP US ALL!!

I wish I could get them sent to Mississauga Ontario Canada....My life would be complete...Every 2 years, since 1962 I have to go back and satisfy my craving....I cant help myself!!

James Hannibal

l was raised on 'pie 'n' mash' in the late 50's and now living in North Carolina, l look forward to my visits to the uk. The first place l head for is Manzes. l have given up on waiting for Manzes to open a store here in Charlotte. Even after being gone for nearly thirty years Manzes still taste as delicious now as they did thirty years ago.