Round Green Chippy

347 Hitchin Road, Round Green, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 7SW
01582 724380
Fish & Chips Takeaway
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2 reviews of Round Green Chippy

John Edward Brown

As a child I had many a good takeaway wrapped in newspaper from here when I lived at No.337 (my father owned the barbers shop there). Now at age 67 and having travelled and worked around the world I have settled in Cornwall. I remember my favourite fish at the time was "gurnet?" What is this delicacy; you don't seem to find it any more? The cost (in 1954), well it was 3d for the chips and 9d for the fish - one shilling total, 5p in todays money. Anyone out there who remembers me, or anyone else for that matter, who wants to contact me please feel free to do so. I went to the Luton Grammar School from 1949 to 1954 and I seem to remember my school number was 4507, although why I should remember that I have no idea. I do not exactly recall the chip shop owner at the time - Dells, Dellers, or something totally different!


About once a year I retry this place as it's just around the corner from my home. Each time I'm sadly disappointed. Bad service, grimy premises, higher than average prices and grotty food. I'm only brave enough to try the chips but there's always plenty of green bits, black bits and eyes. I last tried December 2000 so they may have improved since but I vowed that was their last chance.