Maggiore's Restaurant

33 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8JD
European Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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10 reviews of Maggiore's Restaurant

Mike Phillips

Sorry to go against the predominant grain of your reviews but this was our experience on 11 March. When we arrived, the receptionist had no record of our booking and was clearly disinclined to believe we'd made one; her manner was frankly hostile. Only when I produced a photocopy of the email booking did she grudgingly ask us to take a seat - while grumbling audibly about 'last minute'. Once allocated a table, we were 'greeted' by a waiter whose first words were: 'you'll have to order within five minutes'. The final straw was discovering that the post-theatre meal we'd booked was not £19.50 per person but £24.50 and the menu was different, having apparently been changed some two months ago. At that point, we'd had enough and left. To be fair, the hostile lady whom we'd first met apologised as we departed. But by then an enjoyable evening had been soured. All in all, a singularly bad experience.

Ian Tomalin

My wife and I took her mother there for lunch to celebrate her 75th birthday. The staff were friendly, the food was awesome and exceptional value. I have already booked again to for my wife's birthday next month. I recommend this restaurant unconditionally. Go for the prix fixe lunch with a free glass of champagne and you will be hooked like us!


Very good. I really enjoyed the food and the service is just right. Friendly and smart, without being too over the top.


We ate at this restaurant last night and it was dreadful considering the price of the meal. I ordered scallops and got 1 and a half scallops! They had even bothered to cut a scallop in tight is that? Considering it was an £11 starter it was a total rip-off. We both had monkfish for the main course and everything on the plate was very heavily salted so all you could taste was salt. After this we gave up with anything else and just quit. The service was OK, although the table we had was pretty noisy and we were asked the same questions by a number of different waiters. On a positive note the toilets were clean and they had individual hand towels. We would not recommend this restaurant at all.

Elaine Whitworth

My first visit was on my birthday, my second visit was TWO days later with the whole of my family! How wonderful to have found such a gem in a desert of mediocrity. 100% for everything -service - amazing food - wine to die for - extremely professional yet friendly and certainly not intimidating - attention to detail. I could go on and on ....


Brilliant! My husband took me for my birthday and what a wonderful, romantic restaurant. Food was perfect, service subtle and the wine list extensive. A superb find - one which we will definitely frequent again.


Amazing food, chilled Decor and excellent service made this a must visit restaurant. I'll 100% go back there next time I go to Covent Garden.


Superb, delicious food beautifully presented and amazingly friendly service. I would recommend booking as all of the times that we visited they have been busy. Well done Maggiore's.


Maggiore's is a fantastic restaurant.
Their pre-theatre menu is delicious, sophisticated, and excellent value. The wine list is enormous, and the service top notch. My wife and I held a small wedding reception here and it turned out perfectly.


Absolutely amazing. I took my wife for dinner and we both loved it. The food was perfect and the service not too intrusive. Thoroughly recommend it too all.