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Magic Wok

40a Portsmouth Rd Southampton Hampshire SO19 9AD
Chinese Takeaway
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13 reviews of Magic Wok


After using this take away for many years, very annoyed tonight as part of our delivery order did not arrive - not noticing until paid, unpacked. IMMEDIATELY phoned to let them know and was told by the manager another curry would be sent straight out. Hour later, still no curry. Phoned again and said as it was now too late and other food had gone cold, I wanted a full refund or my whole order again on another night. The manager passed the phone to another employee after a heated discussion of about ten mins. I then had to say the same thing over again who then asked me to hold and told this to the Manager who I heard in the background keep saying I was lying and that I should of called earlier and all she was willing to do was give me free prawn crackers with my curry on another time. After a good twenty mins on phone saying this was not good enough the guy on the phone swore down the phone "I don't know what to say, I'm s******* myself as both you employee and my manager are shouting at me" He then hung up.


Me like Magic Wok. Super number 1.


I love it. I have one or 2 times a week. Very very nice, especially curry :-)


Really tasty meals, big portions, well worth the money. Best in the area.

Mark Loades

This place must have changed hands because the food I have had here is awfull. I think that the quality is bad. The meal I had last night seemed to be microwaved and the meat very bad quality. Will not be going back here as this has been the case on the last couple of visits.


ALWAYS use this Chinese!!!!! The food here is the best I've tried and I would highly recommend the Thai chicken curried noodle. They use fresh ingredients every time and it really shows! 10/10!

Kevin Falconer

This is the ONLY Chinese takeaway we use. We have been using them for over 5 years now. The food is always good and great value for money. Deep fried chicken in fruity sauce every time.


It was really nice and would order from there again.

Allison Crook

I read the other reviews and gave it s shot. LOVELY!! Has THE BEST deep fried salt and chilli chicken I've ever tried !!

Pete N

If you live in the vicinity of woolston/weston then Magic wok is without doubt the best around.

The Popes

Not had a Chinese meal in years and we followed the recommendations shown on here. Great service, speed was unbelievable and the dishes were really tasty and filling. Try the Deep Fried Chilli Chicken and Peppers. Good value for money also especially with the free extra dish of your choice if you spend 13 or more. We will go again!!


I love magic wok really good!!!!!!!!!

Sam Bennett

We ordered here under recommendation from a friend, but we mistook their directions and ordered at the Magic Wok. THANK GOODNESS we did! The food is cooked fast, real fast food, and it is delicious. I regularly have Satay Beef and have recently tried Beef Szechan, we have also regularly ordered the Black bean Delight, all wonderful. I was only disappointed when I ordered the Deep Fried Beef with Chilli, it was not as crisp as I would have liked. 9/10

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