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Mister Yik's Chinese Takeaway

4 Victoria St Wetherby West Yorkshire LS22 6RE
Chinese Takeaway
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21 reviews of Mister Yik's Chinese Takeaway

Hannah Titman

Fantastic food!! Really enjoyed it. Been going for the past 10 ten years and not been disappointed. Love you Mr Yiks!! XX

Ian Pargeter

EXCELLENT food!!! fantastic a family favourite of ours, recommend the aromatic duck! FAN-dab-a-dose.

Christine Howard

Absolutely superb! Best Chinese by far... We go there at least once a week! try the crunchy chilli beef! A favourite of the family!


Best Chinse Iv ever had.

Sue Barker

Excellent food, especially recommend the aromatic duck! Friendly service and affordable prices!


My mum is now a Chinese food convert. We all love Mr Yiks takeaways - we even have their phone number on friends and family!


A personal favourite, have been coming here for nearly 10 years. Always, great food and amazing service. I love this place!

The Cooper Familly

We always go every weekend, amazing food and people. Yummyyy

Mark Delfigalo

Great food and service, excellent. I went with a large party and it was just superb! Try the chicken sweet chilli and aromatic duck! Excellent all around, I definitely recommend!

Dean Mitchell

Was a chef for many years. I do not understand how they churn out such great quality in the time they do. I've never waited more than 10 mins. Consistently good !

Paul H

We've been going to Yik's for years. It's quite simply the best Chinese takeaway I've ever come across.

Michelle Knights

Great food, great service, great staff. What more can I say.

Karen Smith

Very friendly staff and unbelievably tasty food! I think the chicken curry is the best I get it all the time! Mrs Yik is very friendly as well!

Richard Baulder

Great food & service definitely worth a visit! I especially loved the prawn toast & aromatic duck! It was fantastic! Definitely worth the money!

David Voss

I love it here. My family have take away from Mr Yik's every week and I wish I could get all of my friends from London to come to Wetherby and have take away from there. Seriously Wicked.

Vicky Pridmore

Really good food and really friendly service, I really liked the sweet and sour chicken!

Ying Shai Wang

Mister Yiks has the best Chinese food in the world! i go there every night. I love the spareribs and egg fried rice and chicken chow mein. hmmm...yum yum CHOW! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Zagajewski

I love mister yik's! The sweet and sour chicken is amazing and the service is excellent. The staff are always smiling and friendly. GREAT FOOD!

Emily Yik

Mister Yik's is the best place on earth! I love the noodles and the friendly people! and no I am not related 2 these people! I just have the same surname


We have tried a broad range of their dishes, and they have yet to disappoint! Try the char sui...its gorgeous! We have used them to cater for a large number of friends, who were all thoroughly impressed.

Alex May

Very friendly people, good portions and a reasonable price, however, pineapple dishes a bit too much pineapple and sweet and sour dishes too sweet. Nevertheless, all other dishes were very satisfactory and well worth a visit.

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